Had to run out

Who could blame me? I knew it wasn’t going to be good when she went up the stage. That was not our usual zumba instructor. Let’s give her a chance since she might be good (you never know). And so I stayed. I regretted those 20mins of my life. It’s an hour class but I could not bear to stay for the whole duration.

I instantly regretted not bringing my earphones! You had one job Lydia!!!!!! How would I know that the instructor who’s covering today would be so shit!!!!!

No offense but the level she’s teaching at is very very LOW! I would always sweat in he first minute of the warm up in my normal Zumba classes but not with this one. I didn’t even need to attack my bottle of water.

By the end of the song which all we did was just step side by side with her making weird karate noises, I ran out.

But I did not go home. I have…BEED to sweat! So right now I’m here at the machines working my butt off and I have generated so much sweat in these few minutes in comparison to the twenty minutes I was stuck in that room!!! My gym towel is moistened (nearly drenched) with my sweat! Ew, I know gross. But do you see the point I’m making here? 

I honestly need to complain to someone because this is unacceptable. No one informed us that we will be getting a different instructor until she went up the stage. They should at least change the instructor’s name on the website and app so I will know whether I will waste my time getting there on time or not. Eughh!

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