First come, first served

This phrase has been around for ages and we’ve been naturally abiding by this unspoken ‘rule’ unless there are explicit rules. For example, if we queue up for a coffee, won’t they serve the person who arrives there first, then second, third and so on? But of course this will be different in other situations such as choosing our PM as we would choose the first person who puts their hand up; there’s a voting process.

Ok, I guess I should explain why I have come to write this post. It happened today during gym class. I arrived 10mins early and got a spot at the front – I like the front because I get to see the instructor’s moves up close – it’s a ZUMBA class btw). Some people usually ‘save’ their spot by putting their water bottle on the floor and that’s fine. But we all know that there should be a space between us so that no one will be hurt and we can perform the moves safely.

However, this middle-aged woman (she’s been in this class for longer than I have) came in just before the class began and stood right next to me. Clearly there was space next to her and so I kindly asked her to shuffle a bit to the right. She rudely replied that she won’t because there’s no space and there’s people there. She proceeded to ignore me after that. Disrespectful old woman. Does she think that she should get her way just because she’s older than me?

She made it seem like it was my fault that I was there in the first place.

ahhhh hello? I was there first!

And so, I made full use of my space and there were times when our hands touched (actually my hands accidentally smacked hers). I didn’t care. She asked for it. I only regretted cutting my sharp nails yesterday 😜

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