Why twice in a week?!

It was just a day ago that I made a fool out of myself and I did it again! Why me? 

I seriously don’t know how it happened but it must have happened when I was walking to my bus stop. Or did fall from my bag when I saw down? 

I remember untying the jacket from my hips and resting it on top of my bag. That was the last I saw of it.

Now I’m on the bus and I have no clue how it disappeared. It’s too late to go back to find it as it has been 15mins into my ride.

I did panic but I’m glad it was my jacket and not my mac – that would be an unthinkable situation! (Touch wood!)

I will miss that jacket. I had good memories with it. Even though I can easily get it again, it’s not the same 😦

I wonder if it’s lying alone on the cold floor getting soaked by the rain? Or has it found a new owner? But I will say “I’m sorry” for being absentminded and losing you in the process. 

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