I’m an idiot

This is plain stupid and I even had a cup of coffee before I went out. Yet why did I make such a mistake?

Luckily it’s not for a job interview and it’s just a tutorial. Thank goodness for that. As a person who prides on being punctual, this situation made me very anxious. And I hate feeling this way. 

Another positive is that this class is 3 hours and not an hour. If it was the latter, i would’ve arrived just midway through the class and would have to go home. I would’ve been very pissed at myself if I was in that situation. 

But what muddles me is HOW THE HELL DID I NOT READ THE ROUTE DISPLAYED ON THE BUS? I swear I saw that it went to MQ not City…I think the sun messed with my sight XD

The location I arrived to (not what I intended)
Anyways, I’m currently on a 30min train ride to my uni. I am late but my friends will talk to the tutor for me 🙂 I think I will use this time to catch up on readings. Maybe this is what God intended since I was procrastinating the whole morning. 

It’s funny though…what would normally be a 20min ride is now 60+mins 🙈

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