The Grounds of Alexandria – ‘The Cafe’

If you live in Sydney, there is a high chance you have heard of this place. It is located in Alexandria and lots of people come here mainly for the food, coffee, desserts and to take pictures! I mean, why not? This place is beautiful with quaint shops selling flowers and other trinkets.

It is a 10-15min walk from Green Square station but there is always an option to drive and park your car there. I would recommend you to take public transport during peak hours as it will be hard to find parking in that time.

In the grounds, it does not only have one place to eat at. In fact, there are three options: the Cafe, The Potting Shed and The Garden. I’ve eaten at the cafe for a few times and we still chose the cafe for food – not sure why. I should try the others but that will be for next time.We explored the Grounds seeing as we had a 15min wait for a table. We were lucky because last time I had to wait a lot longer. But waiting was fine especially when you get to explore the wonderful site! There were so many food carts including the pops (pictured below), lemonades and pastries. Besides food, there were some clothing stores and even a florist! We saw rainbow roses which was amazing but $10 a rose – quite pricey and they did not look too fresh.


Anyways, as soon as the cafe sent us a text saying the table was ready, we immediately walked over to be seated. We quickly ordered food and out drinks came out first. I ordered the affogato which I love! I was basically having a dessert before my main and I’m not complaining because it stopped my eyes from eyeing at those delicious dessert stands. I immediately got a spoonful of the tiramisu ice-cream and savoured the taste in my mouth. A lovely surprise though because those popping candies were a great delight!

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten about my espresso. I poured it over the ice-cream and gosh, I love their coffee. This experience started out much better than when I came here last time a few years ago.

AFFOGATO $9 ; House-made tiramisu ice-cream with milk chocolate crust and espresso, finished with natural popping candy

After my ‘dessert’, came the food! RIGHT ON TIME! Just look at this delicious display! At first we thought our friend ordered two salads but in fact they came with the ragout! It was a generous meal as the portions were huge!

This ragout is delicious but heavy. The beef and the cheese made a nice combination with the pasta. I was glad that the salad came along with it because it cut down the grease. However, even the sauce on the salad got a bit too full on for me and I had to attack my friend’s tomatoes lol.

The salmon was well-done as requested and quite filling. The skin was crispy (which I love) and the salad added a nice freshness to the overall dish. It certainly did save my mouth from the grease in my ragout.

BRAISED FREE RANGE BEEF RAGOUT $24 ; paccheri pasta, aged sheep’s cheese and wedge salad
SEARED TASMANIAN SALMON $22 ; on a classic niçoise salad with organic leaves, tomatoes, fresh horseradish and soft cooked free range egg









Besides the main we also ordered a snack. I wished we did not order this because we could not even finish our meals. But it was already here and it would have been a huge waste if we did not eat it, even if its just a bite. So we took a one each, dipped it in the aioli and had a bite. It was crunchy but heavy – probably because I had ragout.

POLENTA CHIPS $9 ; with jalapeño aioli

Overall, I would definitely come back! This time around, my experience here is much better than when I came here a few years ago. Honestly, I avoided coming back because of my prior experience but decided that I should give it another chance. I was glad I did that. The meals and my COFFEE were delicious and sated my appetite! Plus, if you love taking photos in a garden, this is the place for you!

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