[Recap] The King’s Woman 秦时丽人明月心 – Ep 41 & 42

Character List:
Gongsun Li (GSL)/Li Ji – Main character who bore a son with Jing Ke but is now the Emperor’s concubine.
Emperor/Ying Zheng: Emperor of Qin Kingdom and loves Li Ji
Han Shen: Li Ji’s eldest disciple brother who also has feelings for Li Ji but remains in Qin to protect her with the Emperor’s permission.
Jing Ke: Li Ji’s second oldest
Qing’er: GSL’s servant who is very loyal to her.

Ep 41
Li Zhong informs GSL of the Emperor’s disappearance and they both show their concern for the Emperor’s mental state as he just killed his father. GSL tells Li Zhong that the Empress Dowager is in grave state and is asking to see her son, the Emperor.

Back in Yan, the Crown Prince and Tian Guang asks Jing Ke if he’s sure of his decision to assassinate the Emperor. They talk about the difficulty of this task but Jing Ke shows his confidence, “Even if I die I will have no regrets”.

They then plan on how Jing Ke will assassinate the Emperor as it will be hard to get near him. Jing Ke says that he will openly visit the King.

Later, GSL asks the Qin soldiers to report on their search for the Emperor. Unfortunately there is no news and the Emperor is still missing. One soldier asks GSL that the Emperor might be in the southern part of the city – GSL says that she remembers that the Emperor once told her that he grew up in the southern part of the city, “Let us go and have a look”.

Soon, we see the Emperor by himself, surrounded by dead bodies. He killed them! GSL arrives and finds the Emperor all by himself, “I killed a lot of people”. The Emperor tells GSL about his lack of control and that he is a killer, “I can even kill my father”. He also reveals that the person she saved with her disciple brother when they were children was him. This brings back memories for both of them as GSL remembers what the Emperor said when he was younger.

It seems the Emperor is full of regret and hates himself. Scared that he might hurt his love he tells GSL to leave him. In response, GSL hugs him, “I will not go, I will not go anywhere”.

Back in Yan, Jing Ke and the Crown Prince continues on their conversation on how to assassinate the Emperor. Tian Guang shows his knowledge of Jing Ke’s martial arts skill which impresses everyone. The Crown Prince thinks that since Jing Ke has a special technique it will be easy for him to carry out the plan. However, Tian Guang says that although Jing Ke has that technique, he still needs to face thousands of Qin soldiers.

Then we see GSL taking care of the Emperor who is in bed. Li Zhong arrives to tell GSL that the physician is out looking for medicine to help treat the Emperor but things are not looking too good due to the massacre incident. General Meng arrives and informs them of King Zhao’s escape. Even Zhao Jia is missing and Li Zhong says that they should leave soon for the Emperor safety. However, they are in a dilemma due to the Emperor’s original plan which was to keep pressing north but yet the Emperor’s health is dire. General Meng says that he will keep to the original plan to pressure Yan and asks Li Zhong to escort the Emperor back to Qin with GSL before leaving the room.

Li Zhong asks GSL about how she felt after seeing such a bloodied mess. GSL says that she had never seen such a sight but doesn’t know what to feel because the Emperor suffered horribly when he was younger and this was his revenge.

Jing Ke respectively says goodbye to the Crown Prince and Tian Guang. Ge Nie comes into the scene and explains that he rushed here after reading Jing Ke’s letter.

In Han Dan, the Empress Dowager is still waiting for her son to see her. The Emperor arrives, “You are finally back”. She tells her son that she can’t leave her home here in Han Dan, “I will not go anywhere”. She thanks GSL for bringing her here as promised. Then, we see his mother giving him red dates to eat. This is such a sad scene as they all know that she’s not going to last long. Just as she offers GSL the dates, she passes away which saddens everyone. The Emperor hugs his mother tightly while remembering all the harsh treatment he bestowed upon his mother.

GSL then informs Li Zhong that she has made her decision and asks him to arrange the Empress Dowager’s funeral well. He thanks GSL for her decision and says that Qin and the whole world will be grateful to her. In response, she says that she hoped she made the right decision.

Later, we see Jing Ke with Tian Guang. It seems they are looking for a blacksmith called Xu Furen. Tian Guang asks Xu Furen to remember that he saved his life 20 years ago and as a favour he should lend his sword for them to use. Jing Ke tries to persuade the blacksmith but is unsuccessful, “Get lost”. Once Xu Furen realises that Jing Ke was related to Lu Goujian, he orders Jing Ke to get back the sword Lu Goujian stole from him. Jing Ke refuses which resulted in a fight. Then we see that Xu Furen has strapped swords to his body and Jing Ke gets them. This stopped the fight as Xu Furen begs for his swords.

Afterwards, we see an army near Zhao. Its Zhao Jia who brought an army to kill the Qin Emperor. However, little did he know that it was GSL inside the carriage. She comes out and Zhao Jia realised that he fell for their trap. The fight soon starts between Qin and Zhao as we see soldiers battling each other.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince of Yan is in Jing Ke’s residence. Ge Nie tells him that Jing Ke is not here at the moment but the Crown Prince says that he is here to see him. They ask him if he knows about the plan Jing Ke is undertaking to assassinate the Emperor. Ge Nie says that he already knows and the Crown Prince tells him that he wants Ge Nie to aid Jing Ke and enter the palace with him. Ge Nie tells them that this plan is plain suicide, hence, his refusal. We see that Ge Lan is listening to their conversation subtly outside but then drops her pot of water in shock. This stops their conversation and the Crown Prince leaves.

After her talk with her father, Ge Lan leaves to find the Crown Prince but is stopped by Jing Ke. She tells him that she can’t watch him do this to himself as he will die. However, Jing Ke says that he is going to save the world and will risk his life for that.

Ep 42
Following on from the previous scene, Warrior Qin arrives and stops the talk between Jing Ke and Ge Lan. He tells them that Han Shen is here. They bring him to the residence the Crown Prince arranged for Jing Ke. Han Shen then believes that Jing Ke is enjoying his newfound wealth and popularity; thinks that he does not care about his master’s wishes anymore. Ge Lan defends Jing Ke and Han Shen tells them that he is no longer with Qin. Han Shen leaves the residence and Ge Lan chases after him. Ge Lan tells him that he has misunderstood Jing Ke.

Later on, Han Shen with Jing Ke and General Fan are having a drink. Seems like General Fan no longer holds any animosity towards Han Shen as he toasts to him. Jing Ke however is acting weirdly and this was picked up by Han Shen. Jing Ke suddenly tells Han Shen that he wishes to have a private conversation with General Fan. So, Han Shen leaves the room to let them two talk in peace.

Meanwhile, the Emperor is getting his health checked by the Royal Physician. He gets informed that his health is better and he will gradually recover if he takes care of himself. Li Zhong comes in but the Emperor asks for GSL. He doesn’t know how long he has been asleep and doesn’t know where he is. Li Zhong promptly responds to the Emperor’s questions and also tells him, after much prompting, that GSL led the Qin army to divert Zhao Jia’s army in order to protect the Emperor.

Li Zhong also says that GSL was going to meet them here but is a day late. The Emperor becomes restless as he does not know if GSL is alive or dead.

Later, we see General Fan and Jing Ke becoming drunk in their sorrows. General Fan tells Jing Ke that the Emperor has killed his family and that his heart is broken but angry. We see Jing Ke thinking of his earlier conversation with the Crown Prince of disguising himself as a Yan envoy in order to enter the Qin palace. He tells the Crown Prince that besides the land they will offer to Qin, they will need to offer something else. And that is General Fan. Jing Ke tells General Fan that the Qin Emperor has offered Yan a very generous reward in exchange for him. General Fan’s agreeable nature surprised Jing Ke but he says that this is a great opportunity for him to seek revenge.

He then kneels and tells Jing Ke to do it already. Jing Ke pays his respect to General Fan before getting out his sword and killing him.

We have a close shot of our handsome Emperor who is waiting for GSL. Li Zhong tells the Emperor that they should withdraw and leave this camp. However, the Emperor refuses to do so until GSL returns. Then, someone reports that GSL has returned. The Emperor rushes out to meet her who is arriving on horseback. They run towards each other and gave each other a loving hug, “Li’er I knew you would come back”.

The next day, Jing Ke goes to see the Crown Prince. He came to show both the Crown Prince and Tian Guang the head of General Fan. His death saddens them all and Jing Ke tells them that General Fan did not suffer too much.

Back to our Emperor and GSL, he tells her his regret for the massacre, “But who would have known I would do such a terrible thing.” He tells GSL that he is not afraid as long as she is by his side. He expresses his gratitude for GSL as she guided him to forgive his mother. She remains humble but he tells her that he will not let her leave him again.

Later we see the Crown Prince of Yan’s plan coming to action as he sends his soldiers to meet with one of Qin’s generals. Yan’s soldiers bring the Crown Prince of Yan’s letter which says that they will give some of their lands to Qin.

Afterwards, we see Jing Ke looking solemn. Han Shen comes in and straightaway tells Jing Ke that he should not kill the Qin Emperor. However, Jing Ke is still upset with General Fan’s death and takes it out on Han Shen. Knowing that Jing Ke can’t be stopped, he tells him that Tian Ming is his biological child. This shocks Jing Ke and Han Shen explains that Li’er was pregnant before she entered the palace. Han Shen also says that the Emperor knows that Tian Ming is Jing Ke’s child and that if Jing Ke continues on with his plan to assassinate the Emperor, he is putting both GSL and Tian Ming in danger.

However, Jing Ke tells Han Shen that it is too late. Before Jing Ke could explain, Ge Lan rushes in to say that the room they drank in last night is filled with blood. Jing Ke confesses that he killed General Fan which shocks them all.

Li Zhong stops the army mid-way in their tracks. A soldier from General Wang is here to give a message to the Emperor. It was the message from Crown Prince of Yan which says that they are surrendering and are sending an envoy to Qin.

Back to Jing Ke, Han Shen tries to persuade Jing Ke that he will be endangering both Li’er’s and Tian Ming’s life if he continues. Jing Ke says that he knows but still asks Han Shen for help. He asks Han Shen to bring GSL and Tian Ming out of the Qin palace before he gets there. Han Shen says that even if he did not make this request, he would still do it. But, Han Shen says that Jing Ke is still disregarding GSL’s and Tian Ming’s life as they will no longer be safe. Jing Ke says that he won’t be able to repay this regret in this lifetime. Jing Ke’s answer disappoints Han Shen as he does not put his family in high regard in comparison to the Crown Prince of Yan. Hearing this, Ge Lan comes forward and defends Jing Ke, “Jing Ke is not the person you are thinking!”

However, Han Shen was not moved as he tells them that GSL has sacrificed her own life to live forever in the Qin palace in order to help Jing Ke. This makes Jing Ke ashamed of himself as he shed tears. Han Shen promptly leaves while Jing Ke reminisces his happy past with GSL.

Back in the Qin palace, GSL feeds the Emperor medicine who gives a face because it is too bitter. AWWW he is behaving like a child! GSL replies that they already cooked it 3 times and this is not too bitter – she knows how to tame him! After drinking the medicine, he asks to be updated on state affairs. GSL tells him that Li Zhong did come to see him to say that he thinks there’s something wrong with the Yan envoys that will be coming. Even the Emperor agrees with Li Zhong.

GSL also reveals another matter which captures the Emperor’s attention. She says that the Yan ministers are coming to surrender and that they will be handing him General Fan’s head. This confuses the Emperor as he knows that the relationship between General Fan and the Crown Prince of Yan were deep.

GSL then requests something from the Emperor. She asks him to not send troops to Yan when the envoys come, “I don’t want a war”. And so he promises her that he will not bring war to Yan if they are truly surrendering. This pleases GSL and the Emperor also relays his gratitude to her for taking care of him.

I enjoy watching the moments between the Emperor and GSL. But knowing that they are so happy now means that heart breaks will come soon. I hope that it holds off a while longer because I love smiling at their affections for each other! 

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