[Recap] The King’s Woman 秦时丽人明月心 – Ep 37 & 38

Character List:
Gongsun Li (GSL)/Li Ji – Main character who bore a son with Jing Ke but is now the Emperor’s concubine.
Emperor/Ying Zheng: Emperor of Qin Kingdom and loves Li Ji
Han Shen: Li Ji’s eldest disciple brother who also has feelings for Li Ji but remains in Qin to protect her with the Emperor’s permission.
Jing Ke: Li Ji’s second oldest
Qing’er: GSL’s servant who is very loyal to her.

Ep 37
This ep begins with General Meng telling Li Zhong about the consequences if their enemy realises the Emperor is lost in their land. A soldier abruptly comes inside to report that the Han army is on the move but is not headed towards them. This scares both the generals as they are afraid the Hans realised the Emperor’s disappearance.

Luckily, GSL arrives to offer her help to find her husband. General Meng is surprised but thankful because GSL knows the lands well and will have a better chance at finding the Emperor.

Soon, we see the Emperor wandering by himself in an unfamiliar location. He is weary, bloodied and messy. Two assassins unsheathe their swords at him and the Emperor quickly attacks them. He is unfortunately stabbed by one of them and soon we see more assassins arriving to kill him. Again, he is lucky that GSl arrives just in time to shoot the assassins to death. After ensuring the deaths of the enemy, GSL quickly runs towards the Emperor and immediately checks his injuries.

The Emperor is shocked to see GSL, “Am I dreaming?” “Even if I’m considered dead, to be able to see you is much better than being at the Qin Palace”

They quickly escape at the sound of the Han army getting closer to them. They hide from the Han army in a ditch but what pulls my heartstrings is that they are both holding their hands tightly, not willing to let each other go! 

The Emperor is injured by that stab but both of them found a good hideout to recuperate in a cave. GSL looks over his injuries again while he looks at her with LOVE! Then the cheesiness begins, “Do you know? You saved me twice today…one is my body. One is my heart” . GAHHH!

Their love for each other intensifies in this scene as they both admit their true feelings for each other! The Emperor asks her how she found him so easily. She tells him that she remembers his past words when they went to Han together to get Han Fei. We see him being touched that she cares for him and remembers the insignificant things he said.

Tian Guan warns the Crown Prince of Yan about the Emperor by telling him what happened to Han Fei. He tells the Crown Prince that they should not sit around and do nothing or else Qin will conquer them. So Tian Guan says that they should murder Qin (basically the Emperor) as it is the only way for them.Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.08.06 pm.pngBack to the cave, GSL and the Emperor eat fruits in front of the fire. GSL informs the Emperor of their army’s situation and how they have not moved their camp because of General Meng who was worried about the Emperor. The Emperor gets annoyed that General Meng did not go ahead with their plans but GSL scolds his temper saying that it needs to be controlled. She tells him that General Meng disobeyed his orders because of the Emperor’s disappearance and that he works so hard for Qin, “Such a great general and you still want to punish him?”

GSL tells him that she can send a bird messenger to General Meng to go ahead with the plans since she found the Emperor. The Emperor agrees that this was the only way. GSL also tells the Emperor that he should not punish Li Zhong and General Meng when they go back as they care a lot for him and do not deserve it.

And so we see General Meng’s and Li Zhong’s relief at the news of GSL finding the Emperor. Li Zhong gets out to prepare their army to move out as ordered by the Emperor. But then we see General Meng’s face looking disappointed…? Am I seeing this correctly? Please don’t let him be the bad guy!!!

Then we see the Emperor and GSL (they changed clothes to avoid suspicion) walking along the streets in one of the towns in the Han state. They managed to find a room thanks to a nice lady who was selling cakes on the street.

They then get settled in the place and are already acting like a typical husband and wife. The Emperor figures out GSL is pregnant with his child after seeing her become nauseas. He quickly becomes overprotective which is so cute!

“Li’er (GSL), just being with you like this is good”

I love the hugging and kissing in this scene! Definitely one of my favourites! The Emperor also makes a heartfelt apology, “I promise that I will never treat you like that again in the future” and hugs GSL tightly. Such a sweet moment which soon gets interrupted by the lady. It was funny seeing the Emperor not knowing how to cook when left alone.

Later in the evening, they have a nice dinner with the lady. GSL asks the lady about her family who tells them that they were all killed by the Qin army. She talks bad about the Qin army who left her all alone and their merciless against other innocent people like her. The Emperor and GSL becomes sad especially after she tells them that they should leave as soon as possible as they will never know when the Qin army will come for them.

The next morning, we see General Meng with the rest of the Qin army who are ready to go to Nanyang for battle. The Qin soldiers attack the Han soldiers and suddenly we see two Qin soldiers at the lady’s house. She tells them that no one else is here but then GSL comes out with the Emperor. Not recognising both of them, they point their swords towards them until General Meng arrives and tells them that he’s their Emperor.

The look on the lady’s face when she realises that she housed her enemy was saddening. Even the Emperor and GSL were sad at her change of expression and were regretful that she had to find out their identity like this. The lady attempts to kill the Emperor but get stabbed instead by General Meng. This angers the Emperor who tells the General to get lost as he killed the lady who was their benefactor. Her death saddens both GSL and the Emperor as they both shed tears. GSL takes out her anger at the Emperor and tells him that she does not want their unborn child to live in this type of world. The Emperor tells her that he will abide by her wishes and will order his army on what to do in the future.


Next scene, Jing Ke and Ge Lan with everyone else observes the situation that is in front of them. We see some men asking the woman for money they owe them. She tells that that she hasn’t been earning much lately because no one is buying from her. They soon resort to violence but then a man attacks them to defend the woman and her child. Jing Ke also attacks the men before leaving the streets. They arrive back to their residence and are surprised at the crowd. Ge Lan asks Jing Ke if they are the people he invited but he tells her no. Jing Ke is surprised to see the man from the street and likewise with him. We realised that these people were invited by their friend in red (forgot his name)

Ep 38
This ep begins where the previous ep left off. Their friend in red introduces his mates to Jing Ke who were amazed to see him. Then servants from the Crown Prince of Yan arrived to bestow Jing Ke gifts in front of everyone. The friend also tells them that this house was given to Jing Ke by the Crown Prince and offers a tour. Clearly Ge Lan and Jing Ke are not happy with his boastfulness.

Back to the Emperor, we see him paying respects in front of Han Fei’s grave in front of his army. He tells him of his regret and can see him pouring wine in front of the grave.

Then we see Jing Ke at a party for the Crown Prince of Yan. Tian Guan informs them that there is an important soldier coming from Wei State. Then a carriage arrives as everyone looks on with interest. Tian Guan tells them that this person agreed to come to Yan to serve the Crown Prince.. Ge Lan tells Tian Guan that the Crown Prince has already arrived safely back to Yan and asks “Why does he want to recruit a soldier?”. Seems like Jing Ke has an inkling of an idea why the Crown Prince is doing this and looks on uncomfortably.

Back in the Qin palace, the Emperor is at court with his ministers. They talk about the General Fan who helped Yan’s Crown Prince with his escape. They raise concerns about his future actions which may hurt Qin. The Emperor tells them that he has already organised an ace to monitor their movements. He then dismisses the court and orders Li Zhong to keep court matters away from the harem. Li Zhong questions him if he’s doing this because of GSL. The Emperor tells him that the less she knows the better and that he only wants her by his side.Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.07.47 am.pngThen we see the man from the sword competition earlier be given a room. He gets told that the Crown Prince of Yan was impressed by his skills. He is then left alone but gets suspicious that he is not alone. He goes outside to check but after seeing nothing, he closes the door. Suddenly we see a sword through the door that is stained with blood. The assassin walks away freely.

The next day, we see GSL and the Emperor reunited with their son, Tian Ming. GSL thanks Han Shen for looking after Tian Ming while they were away and I love seeing the smiles on all of their faces. Then Han Shen tells them that he should leave and Tian Ming gets sad. The Emperor tells GSL to see him out after Han Shen leaves. Knowing that she probably won’t see him again, GSL chases after Han Shen to relay her gratitude towards him for helping her out so many times. He tells her that he has no reason to stay in a place that doesn’t need him anymore and says that he knows that she and the Emperor love each other. He also tells her that he will look after her if the Emperor can’t in the future. Oh he has a big heart!Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.19.09 am.png

The Crown Prince of Yan sees the death of his soldier. Jing Ke arrives with General Fan (is he going to die? I hate seeing his face) to ask about the situation. General Fan blames his death on the Emperor but the Crown Prince says that the Emperor had many chances on assassinating him (basically he’s saying that the Emperor is not involved).

Jing Ke then tells the Crown Prince that he has decided to help him to assassinate Qin. Somehow, I feel like this was their plan all along, to get Jing Ke be the main person to execute their plan. Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.22.49 am.png

Lady Min remains quiet as her servant tells her how she’s surprised GSL got back into the palace. She is scared that she will be punished the GSL. GSL then arrives, “Lady Min you should know why I am here to see you”. I like her outfit!

GSL informs Lady Min that the Emperor already knew that she was a couple with Zhao Wang Qian but did not understand why she was willing married into Qin. GSL then continues to talk and we see Lady Min getting anxious. She pleads with GSL to ask the Emperor to let Zhao Jia become the King; people of Zhao will thank Qin if it happens. GSL tells her that she thought about this before to avoid war and death but it is inevitable no matter who is the King. Lady Min does not want to believe this and says that Zhao Jia will change the Zhao state for the better. But GSL tells her that Zhao Jia was the mastermind behind the Emperor’s relationship with his brother and that he won’t be able to forgive him. GSL also says that Zhao Jia is using her for his own ambition. She then tells Lady Min to go to Handan as that is the last favour the Emperor will grant her. Lady Min refuses to believe her and leave the palace, “My days is not over yet”.

Oh no! GSL begins to get nauseas in front of her…Lady Min now knows…GSL is pregnant.

Back to Jing Ke, Tian Guan asks him about his plan. Happy with his answer, Tian Guan tells Jing Ke that he was the one he thought of first when executing this plan. He also expresses his deepest gratitude to Jing Ke for helping Yan so much.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.49.37 am.png

Qing’er asks GSL that she is too forgiving towards Lady Min. Their attention soon turns towards GSL’s unborn child and they talk about how the child is amazing since he/she survived the harsh situation in prison. Then a servant arrives saying that the Imperial Pharmacy made a medicinal soup for GSL. Qing’er questions how they knew GSL was pregnant but the servant says that the Emperor ordered it. And so, Qing’er takes it without hesitation and feeds it to GSL.

Soon, we see that servant quickly making her way to the exit in order to leave the palace.

Soon, a terrible thing occurred! GSL lost her child! The Emperor goes to see GSL and tries to understand the situation. Qing’er explains that this was because of the soup GSL drank earlier which was given to them by the Imperial doctor. The doctor says that he never received such an order from the Emperor and did not make the medicine. And so, the Emperor orders his guards to investigate this matter and then leaves to lead it. GSL tells Qing’er that she knows who did this to her and promptly leaves for Lady Min’s residence.  Lady Min asserts that she is not in the wrong and that GSL brought this upon herself.

The Emperor then arrives as asks, “Tell me, did you do it?”

Lady Min admits that she did it and the Emperor tells her that there will be severe consequences. Lady Min says that she did it for Qin but gets slapped by the Emperor in response. Lady Min doesn’t stop there and slanders GSL that her unborn child is probably not the Emperor’s child. GSL defends herself and says that she’s not that type of woman. Then Lady Min tells GSL to swear that Tian Ming is the Emperor’s biological child!



I enjoyed these two episodes! There was a lot going on with Han Shen leaving but both the Emperor and GSL realised that they had to live together in order to be happy! Such good news!

Unfortunately, I was saddened that Lady Min had to disrupt their happiness by killing their unborn child! That child is innocent! Even if you hate GSL, you should never attempt to hurt innocent children!





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