[Recap] The King’s Woman 秦时丽人明月心 – Ep 35 & 36

Character List:
Gongsun Li (GSL)/Li Ji – Main character who bore a son with Jing Ke but is now the Emperor’s concubine.
Emperor/Ying Zheng: Emperor of Qin Kingdom and loves Li Ji
Han Shen: Li Ji’s eldest disciple brother who also has feelings for Li Ji but remains in Qin to protect her with the Emperor’s permission.
Jing Ke: Li Ji’s second oldest
Qing’er: GSL’s servant who is very loyal to her.

Episode 35
Beginning where ep 34 left off, Lady Chu realises that the real mastermind behind the murders was Lady Min. Speaking of the devil, the scene straightaway cuts to Lady Min talking to Zhao Gao. She’s so sly and tells Zhao Gao how she is pretending to help GSL in front of the Emperor as to not raise his suspicions and be in his good graces.Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.51.39 pm.png

However, Lady Chu quickly tells the Emperor of Lady Min’s evil deeds. She claims that she is innocent and that Lady Min was behind Han Fei’s death. She even tells him of Lady Min’s true purpose to help her lover, Crown Prince Jia of Zhao, and the Emperor tells her that he knows; but now is not the time to do anything about it. Then Han Shen arrives to give a report of his investigation which he did on behalf of GSL.

He asks for GSL to be brought here so that he can report on his investigation in front of everyone. However, due to everybody’s silence he realised something was wrong, “Where is GSL?”Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.52.58 pm.png

Then, Li Si arrives to torment GSL further who informs here that he is here on behalf of Queen Dowager Huayang to give her memorable memories.

Back to the palace, the Emperor informs Han Shen that GSL is currently not in the palace. He proceeds to question Han Shen on his actions in Zhao. Han Shen immediately replies that he won’t say anything until he gets told of GSL’s location. So the Emperor tells him that GSL is locked in Yongxiang prison. Mad at the news, Han Shen questions the Emperor’s actions and then leaves the room.

Trying to get Han Shen in trouble as revenge, Lady Chu childishly goes to the Emperor and complains of Han Shen’s rudeness in front of him. But her plan fails as he orders her to leave.

Soon we see GSL tied up again as Li Si gets a knife, ready to begin his torture. But Han Shen arrives just in time, knocking the guards unconscious as he makes his way to GSL’s cell. He kicks Li Si away and threatens him with his life. Li Si runs away while Han Shen unties GSL’s ropes. Han Shen asks her, “How can he do this to you?”.

Then the Emperor arrives and Han Shen gets out to meet him but not before locking GSL back in her cell to protect her.Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.05.00 pm.png

Han Shen tells the Emperor that from now on GSL is no longer his. The guards attack Han Shen who fights back. Even Li Zhong gets knocked away and gets a knife to his neck. Seeing this, the Emperor did not unsheathe his sword. Han Shen tells him that he shouldn’t treat GSL like this because all her actions were for him. The Emperor asks him to explain but Han Shen tells him to release GSL first. Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.08.21 pm.png

Then we see the Crown Prince of Yan with his men and Jing Ke getting ready to go to Yan. There was a slight teasing with Ge Lan but Jing Ke would not tolerate this. This makes her happy as she thinks he cares for her.

Back in the palace, Han Shen begins to report on his investigation. He brings a guest from Zhao to help with his explanation. The guest is the Emperor’s nephew. This brings back sad memories as he remembers his last meeting with his brother. The Emperor gets up from his seat to get close to his nephew. Han Shen reports to the Emperor that his brother is living in an ordinary house with his wife and son in Zhao.

From a flashback, we see the Emperor’s brother (Cheng Jiao) telling Han Shen of how he was instigated by Prince Jia to lead a rebellion against the Emperor. Cheng Jiao tells Han Shen to take his son to the palace to greet his ancestors as he is of royal bloodline; also says that he has wronged his country and his brother so he has no face to return back.

But Zhao Gao quickly says that they can’t conclude that the child is his nephew because they don’t know Cheng Jiao’s exact location. The Emperor tells him to shut up as he knows that this child is his nephew. He gets the letter from Han Shen that was written by his brother which tells him that he hopes he can raise his son well in Qin.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.15.54 pm.png

Han Shen also explains how GSL is innocent in all this and that she was doing this all for the Emperor. However, the Emperor remains quiet as he walks back up to his seat.

The Emperor asks GSL, “Did you stab Lady Min or not?”. She replies that he should know her character the best. Han Shen continues to speak for GSL but it seems the Emperor is still doubting her actions, “Was it for Jing Ke?”.

GSL tells Han Shen to stop but becomes weak in her legs and faints. Han Shen steadies her and tells the Emperor that he is not worthy of being her King before carrying her out of the room. Meanwhile, the Emperor goes through flashbacks as he remembers GSL sacrificing herself for him, him taking care of her and then hurting her. He lets Han Shen take her away as he finds himself not qualified to take care of her anymore.Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.31.43 pm.png

Han Shen brings GSL outside of the palace to rest in an inn in Xian Yang. A lady takes care of her and tells Han Shen that GSL is find as they’re only flesh wounds and her muscles and bones were not hurt. She tells him that GSL needs to rest for a while before she can be fully recovered. However, she will have scars.Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.33.08 pm.png

We then see the Crown Prince of Yan and his party back in Yan with his royal father. The talk about Jing Ke’s achievements in helping with the escape and they receive rewards for helping.Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.40.57 pm.png

Back to GSL, Han Shen gives her medicine to drink and tells her that her fever only subsided last night. However, she doesn’t focus on him but wonders how her son is doing in the palace. Han Shen tells her that he plans on getting Tian Ming out of the palace but remains quiet when asked how he will accomplish that. He tells her that the Emperor allowed him to take her out of the palace right in front of him and that there were no guards following them.

GSL feels anxious about her son and tells Han Shen that she should go back to the palace to look after him. Han Shen tries to calm her saying that he will figure out a way to take him out. He also tells her how he plans on taking care of them both for the rest of his life, away from the Emperor.

They hear loud noise outside and Han Shen checks the windows. It is the Emperor!Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.43.53 pm.png

He arrives at the inn and gets his men to shoo everyone outside. Han Shen goes into the room and tells the Emperor that he won’t let him get near to GSL. The Emperor tells him that she is his concubine and that he has every right to see her whenever he wishes. In a softer tone, he tells Han Shen that he just wants to see if she’s alright.

So Han Shen tells him about the wounds she received from him and that she will have scars on her body. Hearing this, we can tell that the Emperor feels very guilty for what he has done and that he did not know that her actions were all for him. We see GSL walking down the staircase overhearing Han Shen telling the Emperor to leave. Han Shen admits his feelings for GSL in front of the Emperor not knowing that she is listening to their conversation.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.52.29 pm.pngThe Emperor tells him that he needs to say something to GSL but is stopped by Han Shen. The Emperor turns and sees GSL. He turns back to Han Shen and tells him that if he wants a fight, he will face it. And so, Han Shen tells the Emperor that if the Emperor wins, he can see GSL but if not, he should give them Tian Ming.

The fight begins as soon as the Emperor sends his men out, “Without my permission, no one is allowed to come in”. Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.00.03 pm.png

Episode 36
GSL stops Han Shen from hurting the Emperor further by getting involved. She tells them that she is not their object and that they shouldn’t fight over her. The Emperor immediately tells her his regret and stupidness for not believing in her all along. He apologises and tells her that he knows that he has no right to force her to return to the palace with him. He makes a comparison of what he did to Han Fei to her as he is scared that he will kill her in the end. He tells her that he will not send anyone after them and that he will return Tian Ming to her since she is his mother. Even though this is a heartbreaking scene, I feel like laughing every time I see that fake blood dripping down his mouth.

As he leaves, we see them both shed tears as they reminisce on their happy memories together. I missed those moments so much!!!!!
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.04.21 pm.png

In Yan, the Crown Prince gets greeted by his tutor. His tutor informs the Crown Prince everything that happened to GSL after she rescued him. While he is relaying the news, we see Jing Ke overhearing their conversation outside. But the tutor tells the Crown Prince that he is mainly here to talk about General Fan who is currently being pursued by the Emperor. But the Crown Prince does not want to lead General Fan to punishment even though it will endanger his state.

The Crown Prince goes outside and sees Jing Ke. Knowing that he has probably heard their conversation, he asks Jing Ke for his opinion on General Fan. Jing Ke praises the Crown Prince for valuing his friendship with General Fan.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.12.55 pm.png

The next morning, Tian Ming is reunited with his mother. It is a happy reunion with smiles on everyones’ faces. GSL thanks Li Zhong for bringing Tian Ming to her while he says that originally the Emperor was going to but had to go to Han for an expedition. This surprises her and she asks Li Zhong for the reason. However, he remains silent and proceeds to leave. Han Shen tries to get her mind of the matter and tells her to not worry about Qin anymore because it no longer their business. But of course she worries for him. Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.26.23 pm.png

Back in Qin palace, Li Si reports to Lady Min of his success in persuading the Emperor to go to Han and conquer it. However, Lady Min tells him that he is too overconfident of his skills as the Emperor did not go to Han because of Li Si. Lady Min tells him that he is doing this to vent out his anger because of losing Han Fei and GSL. She tells Li Si that the Emperor kicked out GSL from the palace in order to protect her, not because she lost his love.  She then threatens Li Si that if he does not do anything to harm her Zhao State, she will help him acquire the Prime Minister position.

We then are given shots of the Emperor with his army on his way to Han on horseback.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.38.09 pm.png

Then we see Jing Ke with Ge Lan walking along the street. Ge Lan goes inside a beauty shop to buy make up. We see that Jing Ke is still awkward with Ge Lan because of their previous incident. Then Tian Guang interrupts their conversation to tell them that the Crown Prince has organised for them to live in a place the city since they are probably not used to living in the palace. Jing Ke tries to politely refuse but Ge Lan persuades him to go and have a look.

They have a look and Jing Ke tells them that the house is too extravagant. The Crown Prince arrives and says that this house is their reward.Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.54.35 pm.pngAfterwards we see Han Shen teaching Tian Ming martial arts. Soldiers suddenly arrive and surrounds them. Li Zhong comes in and assures them that this is not the Emperor’s orders. Li Zhong tells them that he wants to have a word with GSL alone. Knowing that it concerns the Emperor, GSL follows him. He tells her that the Emperor went along to the expedition to Han because he wants to lessen his pain from separating with her and is using Han Fei as an excuse. He also informs her that the Emperor is currently missing because he got separated from his party due to an enemy attack.

He is here to seek for her help as she is very familiar with the terrains and lands in Han. He hopes she can help them find the Emperor and bring him to safety.Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.09.49 am.png

Next, the Qin army receive news that although their army beat Han, Wei is coming for them. General Meng tells them to delay the Wei army because they can’t move their camp. Then two soldiers arrive with disappointed faces which means that they still could not locate the Emperor.

Later, we see Han Shen and Tian Ming having a cute chat. Just as Han Shen was about to look for GSL, she arrives and tells him that she needs to leave them as the Emperor is in danger. She instructs Tian Ming to be good and listen to Han Shen while she is gone. Han Shen realises that GSL truly loves the Emperor as she understands him and does not hate him for punishing her.

GSL: “Yes, I love him” KYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Now she needs to say it to his face!!!!Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.23.40 am.png

Next, we see Lady Chu’s servant trying to cheer up Lady Chu. It seems she envies GSL for having two guys madly in love with her. She compares herself to GSL and does not realise why herself, a princess who can have anything can’t have a man who loves her. She tells her servant that even though she should be happy that GSL is no longer in the palace, her heart feels empty.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.26.34 am.png

Meanwhile, Li Zhong enters the Qin military camp to meet with General Meng. He asks him whether they found the Emperor but General Meng just shakes his head. Then a soldier comes inside to report that the Han army is on the move but is not heading towards them. This alarms Li Zhong and the General as they think that they might be searching for the Emperor.
Then we see the Emperor in his untidy state being surrounded by two armed enemies.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.35.39 am.png

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  1. Thank you for writing these! I didn’t want to fully abandon the story, but it was taking too long to watch all the episodes. Your recaps (with great screencaps!) were great, and I appreciated your opinion on plot development and specific scenes!

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