[Recap] The King’s Woman 秦时丽人明月心 – Ep 33 & 34

Character List:
Gongsun Li (GSL)/Li Ji – Main character who bore a son with Jing Ke but is now the Emperor’s concubine.
Emperor/Ying Zheng: Emperor of Qin Kingdom and loves Li Ji
Han Shen: Li Ji’s eldest disciple brother who also has feelings for Li Ji but remains in Qin to protect her with the Emperor’s permission.
Jing Ke: Li Ji’s second oldest
Qing’er: GSL’s servant who is very loyal to her.

Episode 33
The conversation between the Emperor and Lady Min continues from the previous episode. When the Emperor asks her about her whether she would be happy if he retreats his army, she smartly replies that even though she is a person from Zhao she is now thinking of Qin’s interest since she lives here.
Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.02.30 pm.png

Then, we see Lady Chu being bored in her room. Her servant comes in brightly relaying news of GSL attacking Lady Min and helping the Crown Prince of Yan escape. Her face is gleaming at the fact that GSL is being punished and can’t wait to see her in person.

Lady Chu goes to visit GSL but first her servant get the guards to tie up GSL and Qing’er for her “Lady’s safety”. Lady Chu makes her arrival by slapping GSL in her face and says that she needs to punish her. She swiftly order the guards to shave their head.

Luckily Zhao Gao arrives to stop them, “Who told you to make a mess here?”. Lady Chu’s servant argues against him but lost in terms of power since he is here on behalf of Lady Min (who is now higher in rank than Lady Chu). Knowing this, Lady Chu retreats but not before threatening GSL.

Zhao Gao fakes his pity in front of GSL by making fun of the fact that she had the Emperor’s love yet she is in this situation because of him. He talks sweetly of Lady Min and offers GSL an escape by asking her to be on Lady Min’s side so that he will help her in front of the Emperor.
Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.06.05 pm.png

General Fang is still suspicious of Han Shen and refuses to help him as he blames him for the Crown Prince’s disappearance. I’m seriously getting sick of his acts!
Jing Ke tells him that he suspects that the assassins are from 丹顶门 and Han Shen says, “You reckon it is Xia Hou Ying who orchestrated this?”. Jing Ke explains his reasoning that he has seen him when he rescued GSL previously.
Impatient, General Fang gets up to go and find the assassins now that he knows their identity but is stopped by Jing Ke. Jing Ke tells them that they must stop them before they bring the Crown Prince back to Qin Kingdom. Anyways, they decided to locate a person called ‘Little Qin’ whom GSL’s grandfather mentioned before his death to see whether he could help them out.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.15.57 pm.png

GSL tries to get a soldier to help her pass a message to General Wei/Li Zhong. Qing’er asks GSL why she wants to pass a message to him. GSL replies that she needs to help Crown Prince of Yan’s people. As she explains her reasoning, she quickly rips her clothes and uses her blood to write a message. We see the Emperor reading her message written in her blood which asks him to forgive others and punish her alone as it is not their fault.

After reading her message, the Emperor asks Li Zhong whether he understands why he is punishing GSL. The Emperor explains that he in fact is not mad at her helping the Crown Prince but for caring about Jing Ke. Li Zhong asks the Emperor if he will forgive GSL. He replies that he does not know if he can trust her again since she kept secrets from him. He tells Li Zhong all he has done for her to keep her happy: let her son return to her and allowed Han Shen to stay in the palace. Yet, he feels that she hasn’t given him any trust after all he has done for her. He admits that she has suffered but he has also suffered as well.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.45.03 pm.png

Meanwhile, Jing Ke and Han Shen arrive at a gambling den. They exchange greetings with Yan Xiang Jian and Qin Wu Yang, asking them for help.

We then get a quick shot of the people from Crown Prince of Yan’s household thanking GSL for helping them and their Crown Prince. Also, we have the Emperor rethinking over the past few days matter with GSL.

Back to Jing Ke and Han Shen, they talk to the rest of their party about their situation. They ask Qin Wu Yang for help and Han Shen reminds him how he saved his life once. General Fang ruins things with his impatience as he talks harshly to Qin Wu Yang. Jing Ke stops him once again and asks Qin Wu Yang his price. Qin Wu Yang tells them that he will help them if they teach him a move or two.

We then see the Crown Prince tied up as the captors talk to each other saying how Jing Ke would never know that they are travelling in Wei Kingdom.

Back in the Qin Kingdom, Li Si seeks an audience with the Emperor. He pleads with the Emperor to capture the Crown Prince of Yan. The Emperor says that it is not needed since he has already disappeared for half a month now. Li Si replies that his assassin reported to him that they have already captured the Crown Prince and are now on their way here. The Emperor becomes enraged at the news, “Did I order you to chase after him?!”

This shocks Li Si and he immediately pleads for forgiveness. He explains his actions that he thought capturing the Crown Prince would be best for Qin especially after seeing the Emperor punishing GSL so harshly for helping the Crown Prince escape. The Emperor sets things straight for him and tells Li Si that GSL’s matter is his private matter, none of his business! Li Si immediately tells the Emperor that he will get his people to release the Crown Prince of Yan before leaving. The Emperor instructs Zhao Gao to find out who were the assassins Li Si hired.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.03.07 pm.png

Soon we see Jing Ke swiftly killing the men surrounding the Crown Prince of Yan. This shocks Xia Hou Yang and his people. Xia Hou Yang threatens them to leave them alone as his sword is against the Crown Prince’s neck. However this does not deter Jing Ke who quickly attacks him with his advance sword skills. After saving the Crown Prince, a bird arrives to deliver a message to Xia Hou Yang. It tells them to retreat and to let go of the Crown Prince. They leave which shocks Jing Ke and the others. But they are glad to find the Crown Prince unharmed.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.10.02 pm.png

Episode 34
The scene begins with the Crown Prince of Yan looking sadly at Tian Guang who is on bed rest. Jing Ke comforts him saying that Tian Guang will be alright. The Crown Prince thanks Jing Ke for helping him. Jing Ke explains that it is not just him but every one else who also helped.

Qin Wu Yang tells General Fang that he must not know this matter since he hasn’t been with his army for a few days now. General Fang asks him to explain. Qin Wu Yang says that a few days ago, the Emperor ordered the deaths of his army. The Crown Prince says that it must not be true but Qin Wu Yang replies that he heard this from someone and didn’t bring it up because they were focused on rescuing the Crown Prince. General Fang faints from anger and is brought inside to rest. Han Shen tells the Crown Prince that he must go now that he is safe to find the Emperor’s brother to bring him back to Qin on GSL’s order. The reason is because she knows the Emperor regrets sending out his brother out from the kingdom.

Guess this matter is awkward for Jing Ke as he realises that GSL cares for the Emperor. But the Crown Prince tells Han Shen that he will help him since it is for GSL.

Later, Jing Ke drinks by himself as he thinks back on his recent encounters with GSL and how her actions are always for the Emperor. He express his frustrations by drinking himself drunk.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.19.36 pm.png

Back in the prison, GSL and Qing’er have a heart-heart talk, not knowing that the Emperor is secretly listening to their conversation outside. GSL tells Qing’er of a story that happened when she was young. Listening to her story, the Emperor remembers his younger days with her when they were children. She uses this story to say that she has no regrets in helping the Crown Prince. Qing’er supports GSL’s actions. Their conversation ends with Qing’er telling GSL that she trusts the Emperor will understand her.

We then see the Emperor visiting his mother who is mentally ill. The mother tells him how GSL has treated her so well and she misses her. She asks about GSL’s whereabouts. He tells her that she is being punished for tricking him. His mother tells him that the people who trick him love him. He tells her that he doesn’t understand  but his mother tells him that they trick him to protect him. She asks him: “Are you happy?”

At her words, he thinks back to how he treated GSL and her apologies, “Is it really because of love?”Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.34.57 pm.png

Jing Ke wakes up sober and finds Lan’er sleeping on the same bed with him. He quickly wakes her up and apologises. She tells him not to apologise but he still apologises and blames himself. Lan’er runs away at Jing Ke’s attitude as she knows he doesn’t like her.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.47.05 pm.png

Back in the palace, the Emperor is at court with his ministers and Queen Dowager Huayang. Some ministers and even the Queen Dowager express their views with the Crown Prince of Yan and GSL’s matter. He listens to all of their requests and thoughts silently. The Queen Dowager purposely asks the Emperor, “What is your thought Emperor?” in attempt to get him to speak. He tells them that he does not want to make a decision. He asks Li Si for his thoughts on how to punish GSL.

Tian Ming suddenly comes in calling out for his father. The Emperor gets up to hold Tian Ming in his arms, asking him why he and his mother have not seen him for a few days now. The Emperor tells him that they can go to a quiet place to see how Tian Ming is progressing with his studies. He then leaves with Tian Ming in his arms, ignoring the Queen Dowager. I love how he smiles at him!Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.49.10 pm.png

Jing Ke and his friend have a close talk about the Crown Prince of Yan. His friend warns him that he suspects the Crown Prince is using Jing Ke for his own benefit. Jing Ke obviously does not believe him but his friend warns him to not accompany him to Yan Kingdom. So his friend tells him to never forget his master’s wish for him.

Back to the Emperor and Tian Ming, he listens to his son’s adorable recitation. Li Zhong arrives and he sends Tian Ming away with Zhao Gao. Awwwww! It looks like he prepared a place for GSL to live in outside of the palace. Li Zhong also reports that the others are still in court waiting for him to return. The Emperor does not care as he knows the Queen Dowager only wants GSL to suffer. Li Zhong asks the Emperor if he really wants GSL to leave the palace. The Emperor tells him that if she stays here, people will always want to hurt her.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.59.27 pm.png

Meanwhile, Han Shen is knocking at a door. A woman with a child answers the door, “Who are you looking for?”. Han Shen asks whether this is Changan Jun’s house. He doesn’t get a straight answer as the woman’s look suddenly turns hostile while the child asks, “Mother, who is he?”Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.02.05 pm.png

Lady Chu gets reported the news of what happened in court. A servant comes in to inform Lady Chu that GSL wants to see her.

We quickly get a close shot of Han Shen holding someone as he rides on horseback in a hurry.

Then, we see Lady Chu meeting with GSL. GSL tells Lady Chu of a story. Lady Chu connects the dots and realises that she is talking about Lady Min.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.03.23 pm.png









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