No-poo method: 4 years experience

I’ve been on this method for around 4 years now and there have been some times when I wanted to give up. It was hard especially when travelling overseas and other places because you had to make sure you can buy the products there or be able to take them with you safely.

But ever since I’ve been on this no-poo method, my hair has become less frizzy and uncontrollable. Also, I haven’t had dandruff since I started.

A bit about my hair: wavy, thick and can be untameable (frequent bad hair days during high school).

I began eliminating shampoo and conditioner from my regular routine when I found out about the no-poo method 4 years ago. I was quite excited to try it as I had quite an oily scalp and kept on using deep cleansing shampoos to try to get rid of the oils but it didn’t work out so well. So I turned to the no-poo method in hopes that I can have a healthier, shinier and manageable hair.

What is ‘no-poo’?

It’s about getting rid of chemical products that are in commercial shampoos and conditioner which has been stripping our hair of its natural oils.

As a replacement, I’ve been using baking soda as a shampoo and apple cider vinegar (ACV) as my conditioner. Currently, I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda & ACV twice a week but I will still wash my hair in between with water only (especially after gym). Sometimes I will use mask my hair in coconut oil overnight but I’ve gotten quite lazy so haven’t been doing it much.

Left: Baking Soda; Right: ACV

The reasons why we use baking soda is that it removes buildup and oil. However, be careful with this as overusing baking soda can damage your hair in the long run hence why I’m limiting myself to twice a week and use water only in between.

With ACV, it softens, detangles and clarifies the hair. Also, it balances the PH of my hair after using the baking soda. When using this, I was scared that my hair would smell like vinegar but surprisingly, the smell does not linger 🙂

Transition period

This period is quite hard and it is easy to just give up. BUT DON’T! Persevere and you won’t regret it.

From using shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis and suddenly eliminating that from your shower routine can confuse your scalp. So, your hair will be pretty oily for a while as it needs time to adjust. Everyone’s transition period will be different and mine lasted for around 2 weeks. During that period, I was putting my hair up in buns and braids so that it wouldn’t be too noticeable. Luckily, no one noticed and I made it through safely!


  • cleaner scalp – it’s no longer oily!
  • shinier
  • healthier – you’re not feeding your hair chemicals anymore!
  • cheaper alternative! You will be saving so much money!

Also, I’ve been getting compliments on my hair from friends and family which is fab! Some of them were quite surprised that my hair looks healthy from just using baking soda and ACV. I still use argan oil as a hair serum but otherwise, my hair is completely healthy and free from chemicals.  Mission accomplished! 🙂



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