Currently we have distant relatives from Hong Kong visiting us for around two weeks. And so far…it hasn’t been good. I’ve been annoyed and quite pisssd off with them. They are basically free loading off us without helping out with anything. 

They all flock around to the dinner table to eat but once it is clean up time, they leave. Honestly..rude and no etiquette. Even our home-grown mandarins…they’ve nearly finished a big basket (because it’s sweet and they love it) but my family & I still haven’t even had one yet! 

Plus, I just found out they’ve been using my mum’s hairbrush and my hair straightener in the bathroom. Luckily I moved all my toiletries and brushes to my room prior their arrival. It’s disgusting! I don’t mind if they use our hair dryer but sharing hair brushes and hair straightener is gross. 

My mother is too nice to take it away but luckily she has another brush in her room. (She’s clearly disgusted.) My hair straightener is currently in my room where it will stay until they leave. I need to clean it because I can see sebum.. eugh.

I even bring my hair straightener when travelling because it is unhealthy to share with others! 

Oh another thing! Yesterday when I was showering, they tried to open the door… don’t they ever learn to knock? They only stopped fiddling with the lock once I asked “Who’s there?!”. FAR OUT! I was naked (showering)… if the door is locked of course someone will be inside. 

This is only Day 2 of their stay here.. šŸ˜¤ 

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