Another haul from YesStyle

I took risks with my latest purchases from YesStyle. The two risks I took were shoes and jeans! I never bought these two items online because sizes differ and you can’t trust the materials online. Even after looking at the reviews, I was skeptical. So when I received them… I was surprised.

I need to say it. These shoes are so freaking pretty and comfortable! Honestly! Even though they’re pointy, I was able to walk in these for a long period of time!

It is a nice shade of baby pink and I was surprised by the quality. I thought it would have been shit because a lot of my friends have told me about their bad experiences with buying shoes online. But luckily these exceeded expectations and I got so many compliments! I am definitely going to buy these again but in other colours! By far, my favourite purchase! I think I might buy more pairs of shoes from YesStyle (but my mum has been complaining of the lack of space because I have too much 😌)

I also bought the infamous -5kg jeans by Chuu. It was a genuine one by Korea due to the authentication code so I was happy I wasn’t duped. Apparently, these jeans can make you look slimmer but they are just normal jeans that make our legs look good. I bought the black jeans and they are so comfy! The fit is perfect (I can zip it up and down easily, it is high-waisted and it cuts just neatly at my ankles)!

I also bought a top which I have been eyeing for a while. This is suitable to wear professionally and I match it up with the jeans and high-waisted skirts. It is oversized and very VERY comfortable to wear 🙂l_g0052697512

Also bought this cutie! Easy and lightweight – perfect for spring and summer! Too bad it is winter season here in Australia but I can’t wait to wear this in a few months!l_g0044455361.jpg

Also bought another baggy top in grey. I’ve been wearing this out lately and got complimented a few times. I like that it is casual and is so easy to pair this with any bottoms. The material is good and since it is cold, I’ve been wearing my singlet heattech underneath.


Besides clothes, I also bought more of the CORSX pimple patch because it is a miracle-worker! Check out my review on this for reasons why I keep on buying it. Also, got some more blackhead nose strips from Tosowoong and earrings (free gift). Haven’t put them on yet but I’m keen to wear them out one day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Another haul from YesStyle

  1. I sometimes order at Yesstyle and they are either a hit or a miss and I also have been wanting to try the -5G from Chuu…Guess I’ll order it now 🙂


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