Wisdom Surgery Experience + Tips!

It’s not terrifying. I opted for general anesthesia (GA) so I was asleep during the whole experience while my surgeon takes out all the wisdom teeth. I had my surgery at Castlecrag Private Hospital and it was a very comfortable experience. My surgeon was Dr Peter Mouser who also performed the surgery on my brother.

I was very happy with the service and level of care I received with Castlecrag and filling out the paperwork online made it very convenient. The instructions and other necessary information were outlined explicitly so I did not feel nervous the whole time. (I lied, of course I felt a bit of nervousness when I changed into the hospital gown and lied down on my bed).

It wasn’t a big hospital but I liked the privacy we were given. It was comfortable and I was given my own personal space. There was a TV but I didn’t even turn it on because I have my phone and 4G.

The waiting period was an hour but that time passed quickly. I was then transferred to another room where I was given anaesthetic. It was strong because in less than five minutes, I was knocked out. I’m not sure whether it was a dream but I have a vague recollection that I was instructed to move beds and put my neck higher on the bed or something.
Anyways, when I regained consciousness I was in the recovery room. The nurses gave me a heater under the blanket so that I would be warm since I was weak with no food or liquids. I was given a drip to help regain strength and consciousness.
Then, I was transferred back to my room for further rest. It was peaceful and the nurse comes in periodically to check on my health and whether I am alright. The best part was when she offered me choices for food: ice cream, jelly, custard and something I forgot because my mind was filled with custard hahas.

Custard – my first ‘meal’ after the surgery

So no surprise to any of you, I chose custard and it was a sight of relief when the sweetness went inside my mouth! It wasn’t hard to eat because I just had to swallow it but the numbness of my tongue and lower lip was weird. But I was glad that I had something to eat 🙂

I was given a care plan on what to expect and what to do if I have any problems. The nurse went over everything with me and it was easy to understand. I was also given gauzes and medication to take home.

I was given permission to leave the hospital after a few hours post-surgery and I just went home, had a shower and took a nap (trust me, you will feel so sleepy).





  • Listen to your surgeon and nurses! They are there to help you get the comfortable experience and they want you to heal well post-surgery.
  • You might feel nauseous after the surgery due to the GA but it is only at the initial stage. Slowly sip water from a cup (it’s easier).
  • You might find yourself coughing quite a bit at the beginning but it will go away. Just drink water at a gradual pace.
  • REST REST REST! Don’t try to defeat it but your eyes will be tired. Go to sleep!
  • Buy a baby toothbrush because it will be hard to open your mouth wide while brushing your teeth
  • Your lips might get dry so moisture it with water or lip balm 🙂
  • Rinse with Savacol or warm salt water. No pain!
  • Calm yourself! I’m a big crybaby with pain and hate needles hence I opted for GA because I did not want to see or have any memories with the surgery. It’s not scary.

Healing Process
The night I went home, I had a slight bruise on the right side of my face. It was cute though because my cheeks were slightly swollen – I think I looked like a munchkin. Even my brother couldn’t stop complimenting on my cuteness hahas.

Baby toothbrush! So cute!

The next morning, the numbness on my tongue and lower lip was gone. But no pain on the surgical site. When I try to bite the back teeth together, there is a slight discomfort and pain so I mainly used my front teeth to eat. I was able to have macaroni and cheese (just cook it so the pasta is extra soft to chew slightly). I did notice that my face has swelled up – square jaw! It is much easier to talk and my throat has gotten less scratchy.

I was so prepared but didn’t even get to make these foods hahas!

Day 2: Face is like a chipmunk. I have a slight bruise on the right side of my cheek but it doesn’t hurt too much. Throat is still a tad dry so I’m drinking plenty of water. I did wake up with a bit of throbbing pain but it went away after taking a Nurofen. I was able to have cheese on white bread (microwaved) and it was so good! Melted cheese is amazing!

Day 5: Face is nearly back to normal! My bruises are yellowing but I am determined to go out and show my face to the public again! IT wasn’t too bad being cooped at home because I was able to buckle down and complete menial tasks: organise wardrobe, study area, bookshelf and filing. Went to the gym and my cheeks ached when it got intense.

Day 6: The yellow is still apparent but I have my normal cheeks back! (Swelling is gone!) I also noticed that the stitches inside my mouth has disappeared and there is a hole where they took the wisdom tooth out. Honestly, I’ve been getting lazy so I stopped rinsing with Savacol yesterday. I’m still continuing with the salt rinse.

Day 7: Exactly a week after my surgery and I can smile easily! There is still a weird feeling at the back of my mouth but there are no aches when I pat my cheeks. The yellow has subsided and I am amazed at how fast I healed! Remember! Everyone has different experiences so while some of my friends and family members might have taken more than a week to get back to normal routine, I am grateful it does not apply to me.

Basically, getting put under GA wasn’t scary as you will have no recollection of what happened inside the surgical room. I am so grateful that I had a safe surgery, I healed up nicely and did not suffer too much. It was less painful than I thought it would be. Why did I get so scared in the first place? Oh, those YouTube videos. Trust me, don’t watch them. They freak you out too much for something that isn’t that major.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional so these tips and my account of my surgery is my personal experience. It might not work for everyone.


5 thoughts on “Wisdom Surgery Experience + Tips!

    1. It has been a few years so I honestly don’t remember the total cost. Price is different according to how many teeth you are removing, your choice of GA or LA, anaesthesiologist, surgeon, hospital, etc. Plus, I had private insurance. I would advise you to ask around and if your have private insurance, see how much you can claim.


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