Weeknight out

This semester has been a very very BUSY one! Even though there were no exams, the assignments added up and were stressful (especially since one of them was 50% of the final grade)! But I am glad I have this short holiday break before taking off to another school for 30 days unpaid teaching. Yes, it is going to be busy and my face…poor face…I predict breakouts!

But I might as well enjoy my break before the busy life catches up. Plus, I deserve to unwind and relax. So, why not go out with friends, have good food and enjoy your time on a weeknight where you know you won’t see students (because they will have to get ready for school the next day).

Great idea! – I only say this because I’ve been teaching 9-3 (sometimes till 8pm) for five days a week and want a good time without seeing kids.

So off I went to Sydney CBD. I went there a bit earlier than the meet-up time to do some special shopping for myself (personal me-time) but damn..CBD is way over-crowded! No wonder why I usually shop online!

Anyways, I met up with friends though there was a bit of mishap when scheduling this catch-up. This mishap…made me and the others quite annoyed (expected) as it was always this person. But as I always try to see people in a positive light, I always give her chances. But, she would always cancel last minute with different excuses. I get it, if she doesn’t want to catch up then don’t invite yourself to just cancel at the end. It’s rude. Her actions definitely showed us her true colours. (Just between you and me, I was glad she didn’t come because I still have not forgiven her for last time – goes against to what I said previously but this grudge was warranted).

Nevertheless, I had a fantastic night! Truly deserved! Amazing food and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all! 

For dinner, we walked all the way to Darlinghurst (past Kings Cross) to the Buffalo Dining Club. I have always thought this Italian gem was located at Darling Harbour but after searching it on Maps, I couldn’t be wrong. Plus, the fact that we had to walk past Kings Cross was a bit of an experience (you hear things especially when you have overprotective parents). It wasn’t scary but I wouldn’t walk through those streets by myself. (I will post a review on this soon and will link it here.)

After our very full and scrumptious dinner, instead of taking a train back to the CBD, we decided to walk. I mean, our stomachs were full and I couldn’t bear to sit in a vehicle with my stomach cramped. I needed a walk especially if we’re getting dessert!

So, we had a relaxing walk (though my friend was rushing me..) back to the CBD to Regents Place. If you haven’t been to Regents Place, you’re missing out! There are so many establishments tucked away in this place! It is basically a food court but not your typical food court We decided to have crepes and waffles (we had to satisfy our cravings) at The Choc Pot. It was my first time there and I would say my experience was 50%. This is explained in my review here.

There are other places I want to try here because there are so many choices!



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