Xic Lo Vietnamese Noodle Bar @ Chatswood

After shopping and walking around, you always need to refresh and revitalise yourself with good food. So while I did go to Chatswood with the sole purpose of eating at my fave Korean restaurant, I went to eat pho instead (the Korean restaurant closed down 😔). It was good timing because I have always wanted to try that place but I rarely go to Chatswood.

It was around 3-4pm when I went so it was not crowded and the place was quite chill. I went in, took a seat and immediately ordered my pho ($14). The waitress promptly gave me tea, thermos and also a basket of mint leaves, lemon and bean sprouts.

The basket was cute and I had to take a photo of it (no other Vietnamese places serve bean sprouts in baskets!).

The wait wasn’t long and my pho was finally in front of me! This was basically my lunch + dinner (do we say linner?)

The food was plentiful with a good broth, noodles and meat. But of course, this does not beat my favourite pho of all time at Flemington!

Xic Lo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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