[Spoilers] 欢乐颂2 Ode to Joy 2 Review – 2017 Cdrama

This journey has been rather short (a month) but it was a rollercoaster ride! I love that they released a few episodes everyday because it meant that I don’t have to wait too long for the next eps!

This season has 55 episodes in total and they’re all on YouTube if you are wanting to watch this. The cast members are exactly the same as in Season 1 with some new (male) characters for the girls’ love interest.

L-R: An Di, Fan Sheng Mei, Guan Ju’er, Qu Xiao Xiao, Qiu Ying Ying

This season has 55 episodes in total and they’re all on YouTube if you are wanting to watch this. The cast members are exactly the same as in Season 1 with some new (male) characters for the girls’ love interest.

L-R: Bai Yi Fan, Wang Bai Chuan, Xie Tong, Ying Qin, Zhao Qi Ping

It continues to show us the lives of these five girls who live on Floor 22 in an apartment building called Ode To Joy (欢乐颂). The friendship between these girls remain strong although we do get some firey drama between them. Nevertheless, their sisterhood highlights the epitome of girl power!

I will just give a quick recap on what happens with each of them:b527eaf7-a8df-400c-a5cc-89221cf3a290

Qu Xiao Xiao (Wang Zi Wen): Her relationship with Zhao Qiping (Wang Kai) is strong as ever due to their love and passion for each other. ZQP supported QXX so much even when her parents were about to get a divorce. I got so emotional seeing QXX upset (so unlike her) and we get to see her emotional side. QXX also meets ZQP’s mother (much to her surprise) and I have to say..it was so funny seeing her so worried and agitated.



Fan Sheng Mei (Jiang Xin): HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE! That is all she talks about and she is quite crazy about it. She believes that being a house owner in Shanghai will lead to a better life for her, and will enable her to have a family with her longterm bf Wang Bai Chuan. FSM’s biological family are always detrimental to her success and a happy life as they always try to squeeze every ounce of money out of her. It sucks that her family prefers her brother over her and yet it is her who supports their livelihood! I feel for her and her ending is happy as she splits up with WBC, telling him that she needs to live out her own life for herself because she hates how she’s turning out.


c_b0zsyuqaazv9iAn Di (Liu Tao): Her relationship with Wei Wei is over and now Bao Yi Fan has successfully entered her life. They become closer as they share their worries and BYF even helps An Di take care of her matters: estranged family affairs and her younger brother’s wellbeing. These two are mature and I admire BYF for sticking with An Di despite knowing that there’s a high chance she might turn crazy (due to her family’s medical history). Then we have the drama with BYF’s family and how they are too nosy into An Di’s life. But in the end, all is forgiven and these two are still happy together with no marriage plans in sight.




Qiu Ying Ying (Yang Zi): Last season, her new love interest Ying Qin showed up. They got together and we saw how they spent a lot of time together. QYY is such a bubbly girl and you would think these two would have no problems. Unfortunately, their relationship did go through a rough patch but in the end, they are engaged with their family’s blessing. QYY also got a promotion with the job she was at and she is now a manager of her own store! Such great luck for her!



f1ad3c6b-03a3-434a-a942-0b51da7b0611Guan Ju’er (Qiao Xin): Despite what I heard, her ending wasn’t so bad. She finally has a boyfriend, Xie Tong, who is a rising musician! They both clicked due to their love for music and they are so sweet with each other. Guan Guan even fought with the other girls and argued when they told her their negative feelings about Xie Tong! Damn, she can get feisty! Then we also have a situation with Xie Tong’s ex-gf’s suicide. After clearing everything up, Xie Tong got signed with an American company and wanted Guan Guan to accompany him to America. It was great to see her refuse his offer as she knows that her career, family and friends are also important to her even though she loves him. (Moral: Don’t dump everything and follow a guy – even if you love him!). But they decided to try a long-distanced relationship 🙂


Besides the drama, you should also check out their soundtrack! In fact, most of the songs are sang by the actors/actresses themselves! I’ve put the link to my favourites below:

4 thoughts on “[Spoilers] 欢乐颂2 Ode to Joy 2 Review – 2017 Cdrama

  1. Thank you for this review!
    I love this drama so much it reminds me of Age of Youth. Glad to hear there will be a 3rd season in 2019.
    I personally didn’t like Wei Wei so I think Yifan is the best match for Andy! Hope FSM can live her life how she want it. To be honest I had 3 favorite couples: Guan Guan-Xie Tong, Yifan-Andy and Xiao Xiao-Zhao (their acting was on point).
    Hope in the third season Guan Guan will have a stronger relationship with Xie, Ying Ying have a happy life (even though I don’t like how she blamed herself for not being a virgin), FSM can stand up on her own, Xiao Xiao will be more mature (and Ying Ying!!), Andy will have more fun in her relationship with Bao (if you know what I mean).

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