My food is gone.

Written in anger

Do you get irritated when someone steals your food? Well this is what happened to me today. I only just found out and I am so fucking annoyed!

It is not a life/death situation but I bought it for today..for me to eat in peace. I finally have a day of relaxation to eat whatever I want and now I can’t. The shops are closed and what I have been craving for is gone.

I feel like cutting his balls off. Yes, that is my brother. I haven’t had cheese and bacon balls in years (since primary) and when I saw it at the supermarket a few days ago, I knew I had to buy it for today. I was so good with controlling my craving as I wanted to save it for today.

I purposely brought my laptop to the kitchen to work, drink my tea and munch in peace. But clearly that cannot happen right now because that fucking asshole ate it.

*asshole is my brother.

And he’s not even sorry. Does he think money can solve everything? My craving is not even satisfied! If only I can kick down his door and cut off his balls!

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