Royal Exchange Hotel @ Windsor

Affordable, family friendly, generous and tastes amazing!

It has been a while since I have praised a place so strongly at the start. I was quite pleased with this place and was so glad I came here.

There was plenty of space indoors and outdoors, catering for small-large parties. We sat outside where there shade because we wanted to have fresh air. (This was our first real break in a long while after working for weeks!)

I am not sure whether they are still having this special but when we went, we ordered the $12 main meal with a glass of house wine or beer. So worth it isn’t it?

Honestly, because it was $12, I didn’t have much expectation on the size of the dish. Boy was I wrong! It was generous especially when compared to other places which would have sold this dish for $25+!

The mash was a bit bland but when compared with the other components of the dish, it went well and there was a balance of flavours.

For the roasted vegetables, we had a large portion of peas, some broccolis, sweet potatoes and carrots. Again, cooled perfectly.

The chips were addicting and I enjoyed lunching on these.

The sauce I had with my grilled fish was refreshing and I also used it as a dipping sauce for the chips. 

The mushroom sauce was a tad salty but I have to commend the chef! He got the steak cooked medium rare! (We were so happy because other places usually fail at the first go..I know)

Overall, I would definitely come back here again. It’s pub food but quality dining.

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