I don’t feel supported

In an ideal world, we should be supported when we’re interning or undertaking apprenticeships because of our inexperience. 

We’re learning. 

Hence, our mentors should support us and provide us tips and strategies to point us towards the right direction.

But I don’t think my mentor is doing this. In fact, I feel discouraged and unhappy. I have no right to feel like this. She has read my lesson plans in advance, and we talked about the future plans as well. Yet, she interrupted my class and took over the lesson because I was not teaching what she wanted. But, it was her who told me what she wanted me to do, and I have prepared all my lessons in advance for that.

She’s giving me mixed messages and I am too tired for this bullshit. But since she is writing my report, I can’t do much…could I even argue with her?

You know what? I only have 9 days left till I finish this semester’s practicum. I can get through with these 9 days and I’m just going to concentrate on my part of the job. I know I am good because this is not my first practicum so I am going to remain positive and won’t allow this negativity to impact my teaching experience.

 It won’t define me.

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