Grill’d @ Parramatta Westfield

In the past year, I realise Grill’d has been popping up everywhere. Their name has come up in conversations with my friend but I had never set foot in this place. So when I saw this place at Parramatta, I thought it would be the perfect time to go see what everyone was talking about.

Their menu has a huge variety of different types of burgers – it is a burger eatery! We have the option to choose from chicken, beef, lamb and vege burgers. They even sell alcohol (cider, wine, and local beers). It took me a while to choose what to get but my friends helped me to decide. So I decided to get their Veggie Vitality which was good because I had so much meat the other night. We also decided to get a chips: Grill’d chips, Zucchini chips and Avocado chips.

We had to order our food from the counter and when they asked me what type of bun I wanted, I went blank.. TOO MANY OPTIONS! Why couldn’t they put this in the menu so I wouldn’t become so flustered? Better yet, show us the different types of bun instead of listing it – I won’t be able to hear anything in that state.

Anyways, the food came quickly but I was disappointed with their plating. Why would you give someone a huge plate but it is only half-filled with a burger (which doesn’t look to appetising). Even though it didn’t look great, it tasted alright.

Veggie Vitality ($11.50) and Chips Share Plate ($13)

But the chips were disappointing and pricey. Paying $13 for these chips was not worth it! I disliked their ‘famous Grill’d chips’ which was super salty. The avocado and zucchini chips were nice but started to taste bitter near the end. The three dips did nothing to enhance the flavours…I don’t even think they complemented the chips one bit.

Summer Sunset ($12.50)

About their customer service, the staff were friendly…probably overly-friendly. They kept on coming every so often to ask us about our experience and how the food tasted. It got a bit annoying because I had food in my mouth..please pick a better time guys.

Overall, would not order the chips here. Overpriced and salty. But I wouldn’t mind trying their other burgers.

Grill'd - Westfield Parramatta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Grill'd - Parramatta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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