WINNER “Fate Number For” Single Album Review

I have been late on posting lately because life got busy but I have to write something about WINNER’s recent album ‘Fate Number For’! They released two songs on April 4th 2017 titled “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”.2017_04_01_24371_1491025925-_large

When I first listened to these songs on YouTube, I was honestly surprised at first because the musical vibe was completely different to the songs from their previous album ‘Exit: E’. Even though I enjoyed their previous album, I think I like this album even more!


Even though they now have four members (Nam Tae Hyun left), I don’t feel there is a gap or emptiness when listening to their songs. In fact, they surpassed expectations! It was worth waiting for them! THANK YOU WINNER!

This song is dance-worthy, laid back and is an additive funk song. It is different from their previous songs as it has a dance-beat! But, it did not disappoint. The vocals from all of the members were sexy and made me squeal!!!!! Even watching them perform live made me love their song and overall performance even more!!!!!!

This song is completely opposite to REALLY REALLY. It has a slower tempo, but not on the same scale as ‘Baby Baby’. I love how it started with Minho singing – you wouldn’t have expected it! This song shows off the members’ raw vocals and is emotional.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with what they had released. I’m proud of them and I hope that they continue to do their best in the future! 화이팅!

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