I’m worried…

Remember in my previous post where I said I lost my voice? Fortunately, I can speak, shout and yell out anything now. If only I could’ve shouted my lungs out when I was at the Justin Bieber concert a few weeks ago (he’s singing is amazing btw). But since then, every morning I have been waking up coughing and an uncomfortable throat. During the day, it’s fine but it only happens when I wake up.

I saw on FB this morning about someone contracting TB and that person didn’t even know that because the doctor misdiagnosed him a few times! I quickly looked up the symptoms for TB and it said “coughing for at least 3 weeks”. I think I’m too paranoid. I have already been injected with the vaccine in high school so I should be fine…but my persistent coughing every morning is worrying me.

Plus, I’m not even helping myself get better because I’m getting quite stressed with all the uni assessments coming up (and due on the same day!). Also, I started my teaching practicum last week – so there’s that to prepare for..


P.S I’m currently typing this with a fresh tissue up my nose…clearly there’s a lot of mucus 😪

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