Super Family 2017 초인가족 – Kdrama

Hilarious, totally something I can relate to!

This South Korean family sitcom is hilarious, exhilarating and features an ordinary family in a modern society going through their daily life. I only just started this today and I’ve already caught up to the episodes. I must say that I love how this drama features the everyday life of a typical family. As the only daughter in my family, I can relate to the girl from that family – facing the embarrassment of my family when they try to be modern, wanting privacy from time to time, and even maintaining a social life outside of home.


The main cast features the father, mother and daughter. The father (Park Hyuk Kwon) is a 44 year old man who is head of department in a large corporation. We see his him trying to fulfil various roles: husband, father, the eldest son, boss and subordinate. His wife (Park Sun Young) is characterised as a typical housewife who organises the house, prepares food for the family, and worries over her husband and her daughter (Kim Ji Min) who is going through puberty.

Press Conference

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time and it’s amazing how relatable all these characters are! Their work situations, family life and school experience as well! It definitely is a drama for the whole family to enjoy! I must also add that the chemistry between this family is unbelievable! They definitely portray a real family and is much better than some of the other dramas that are currently showing (which I won’t name).

Since this drama is set for 40 episodes, I am anticipating what else is going to be in store for us! Love this!

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