Lost my voice :(

Has that ever happened to you or to anyone you know?

It’s weird and quite freaky. It’s already my second day of voice loss and it’s so inconvenient. I’m a teacher and we use our voice to communicate with students. So imagine trying to communicate to students with no voice. How can you control the class? What happens when they start misbehaving? I can’t shout or instruct them immediately because I have no voice.

Even communicating with my family and friends was difficult. In class, my lecturer had to get my friend to be my translator as not everyone can hear what I’m saying since it’s soft and hoarse. But it works. Though I mainly texted my friends when having conversations.

I went to the doctor’s today and he advised me to have sips of cold water because my vocal cords are inflamed. Just like how athletes put ice on their muscles, we should sip cold (not iced) water to lessen the swelling. I’m also resting my voice and drinking lots of fluid to alleviate dryness in my throat.

I’m still using the texting method or even writing what I want to say to my family members. It’s slow but it works. And tonight I will be tutoring kids. I’m planning on using my ipad to get my thoughts across. Luckily it’s one-one and I have some adult students for piano, so they will understand 🙂

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