[Review] BRITE ORGANIX’S Hair Masque

I discovered these cute products from Priceline while they were having a promotion on all hair products. With such colourful packaging, I thought that I should definitely try this out especially when I got them for $5 each (50% discount)!

I bought 2: tropical pineapple (for split ends) and coconut (for coloured hair).

These hair masks comes in a 100mL package and clearly states directions for use, ingredients and its purpose.

These masks each have a scent which is stated clearly on the packaging. Honestly, I love the tropical pineapple – sweet, pineapple smell! Anyways, both of these masques has a thick and texture; is translucent and creamy.

I alternate between the pineapple and coconut every few days because I like both of their scents and they always leave my hair smelling nice!  I use them after washing my hair by combing the product (with my fingers) through the roots to ends before leaving it for 10-15mins. Then, as per direction, rinse my hair with warm water.

My hair is always left feeling soft and silky; less frizzy as well!

I have these for a month now and I still haven’t finished them! Even though they might look small, they last for a while! It is honestly a bargain to have purchased them for $5! Can’t wait for the next sale!


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