My experience with Delta Force Paintball @ Appin

Paintballing. Sounds fun. Sounds painful.

AND it was a terribly fun experience!

Prior to this day, I was researching about other people’s experiences with paintball: what they wore, how much paintball I should buy, what I should bring, was it hurtful? I literally spent days searching all the information I can get to prepare for paintballing.So you can see that I was very excited about paintballing but scared at the same time.

We carpooled and drove to Appin from Epping which took around an hour because of traffic. It was alright though because we had great chats and made lots of funny snaps.

When we arrived at the Paintball venue, we were immediately asked to sign the registration forms and passed them our ID (which they kept until the end of the day). We were then told to pick up our gear: camo jumpsuit, protective headgear, and belt to store the ammo (paintball).

our headgear with the protective gloves

After that, the marshalls went over the rules, and itinerary for the day. They then split our whole group into two groups by giving us either a red/blue tape around our arms. Before we went out to fight, we were asked to purchase the paintballs. I think I paid $180 for 2000 paintballs and this pack also came with armoured gloves and groin guard (no use for me lol).

But a warning…bring deodorant because the headgear stinks like shit. I had to spray a lot of mine because the smell was foul…old sweat…yuck.

Our first course was a starter to get us into the zone and comfortable with shooting paintballs at each other. And of course, getting used to getting hit hard by those paintballs. We had a few rounds and sadly…it was a draw! But it was fun to squat down trying to hide from the enemy whilst shooting at them. I got hit a few times (luckily not in the mouth) but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Yes, it did hurt but the pain goes away and the adrenaline comes rushing back!

After this course, we had a short break to clean up our mask from the paintball before proceeding to the next course where our teams had a mission.

We played a few more different game zones after each short break including rescuing our “Prime Minister” from the London bus as we fight the terrorists, humans VS zombies at the makeshift graveyard and escaping from the enemy with a helicopter.

It was a long, tiring but a fun day! We met new people, enjoyed the adventures as well as the adrenaline of shooting each other hahas! Of course, winning the games is the cherry on top but this was a great experience and I would love to do it again!

group photoshoot with just our friends


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