UN-DO LIST: 8 things I want to stop now

Basically a list of things I want to stop doing for 2017 (and hopefully forever).

Being afraid to make mistakes
We’re all humans. Why am I so afraid to be wrong? It is the only chance for us to learn how to be better and to not make the same mistake again. I guess it comes with the culture I grew up in. You are a failure if you make mistakes. But we need to spread the message that it is fine to make mistakes, as long as you learn from it.

Not exercising regularly
I want to stop lazing around watching fun videos online or exploring tumblr for inspiration. I can be my own inspiration.

Spending money on useless things
Buying things is easy. But do I need them? Is it only because it’s cute?

I’m not doing my body any justice by eating unhealthy snacks.

Giving up/Making Excuses
Don’t give up so fast. Go along the ride and see what it has to offer. Don’t make excuses to cancel hang outs with friends because you don’t have “anything” to wear. Who cares! Just wear a t-shirt and jeans oh and shoes of course.

Who compares themselves to other people you see on the streets or even on instagram? Don’t do it! Everyone is different! We’re all beautiful in our own little ways 🙂

Toxic Beauty
Skin care is important and we have to look at the products we use carefully. We don’t want to feed our skin toxic ingredients. Take care of your skin and you will be happy!

Excessive Worrying
It’s not your job to worry too much. Take a deep breath. Do some meditation. You can do it! It’s not the end of the world.



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