They start complaining as soon as their children reach adolescents. It gets even worst when the children gets their first job and receive an income. They start complaining about the money they had invested in their children and how we should be grateful. Yes, we are grateful and appreciative that you raised us. But is it necessary to bring it up in every conversation? Do you parents think that because you put some money, you are suddenly the owner of our bodies and mind? Telling us when to speak, where to go, what to do? Why don’t you just spend that money on building a robot instead? It would’ve saved you so much money in the long run. Think about it..robots won’t need to be fed three meals a day, saves water bills as they don’t need to be regularly washed nor drink water to stay alive.

I know that you guys don’t have an education. But don’t force us to do your dreams. That’s not our life’s purpose. You should have done it yourself. Stop complaining and suck it up.

You expect us to help you because you’re our parents. Well, of course we do. But what do we get in return? It’s your job, your responsibility. You’re old enough. What about a simple thank you? Yet you expect us to thank YOU whenever you help us. Where’s the fairness in that?

World, we talk about equality and how we should strive for it. How about equality between a parent and a child? We’re all humans. One just borne one. When the child becomes an adult, of course he/she will still care for their parents. But don’t just have children just because you want your child to repay you for all the things you did for them when they were young. That’s selfish.

I didn’t ask for piano tuition but you forced it upon me anyways. I didn’t ask to do maths extension in HSC but you still forced me to do it. Look where it has gotten us? I delayed the exams for piano because I dreaded it. I didn’t do well in maths extension because I hated it.

But for the subjects I loved, I did extremely well. Why can’t you see that you can’t force someone to do something? At least ask nicely and explain why you want us to do it. Forceful actions invites disappointment. You always say that you are more experienced than I am…but your actions says otherwise. You are immature and are always quick to use actions instead of talking it out.

I’m embarrassed to have you as my parent but what can I do? I’m your child and I will have to look after you in the future. So please, don’t make this journey too hard for us and be a better role model…a better person will do.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

I feel a bit better after letting this out. I might delete this post later on but I just need to let this out as I know it’s unhealthy to keep things bottled up. So guys, if you want to let it out, LET IT OUT! Trust me, you will feel so much better!

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