Shopping at YesStyle 

I bought these items in Dec last year to take advantage of the Boxing Day sale and I’m excited to say that they finally arrived! I didn’t buy too much because I already spent a lot on new shoes and clothes on other online stores (I got a bit of scolding from Mum 😅)

But these stuff from YesStyle includes products I frequently use which I bought to stock up on as well as new ones.


Blackhead brush cleanser – this is my first time using this as I normally use pore strips. I thought I should try this since the strips doesn’t get all of the blackheads out of my nose. So fingers crossed this product works because YesStyle just emailed me with more sale!

Another product I bought are these blotting papers – green tea (green) and normal (pink). Haven’t tried this brand but oil blotting papers should be the same right? I’ll update you guys if it doesn’t do its job. 

I got this beauty sample from Missha but I’m not sure what it is…


This card holder is waterproof and sleek in design. It can hold quite a few cards and already I have my fitness card in there. The neck strap is leather and is durable as well. Definitely convenient and I bought two different colours for my mum and myself.

Card Holder

These eye makeup products are from Etude House (eyebrows) and Macqueen (gel pencil eyeliner). I have been using these products for over a year now and they haven’t disappointed me yet. I even got my mum hooked!

Top 3: Macqueen Gel Eyeliners; Bottom 4: Etude House Drawing Eye brows

This nail polish from A’Pieu caught my eye when I was browsing on the website for more stuff to buy to get free shipping ☺. They have different colours including a yellow one I was eyeing but I decided to try this first since I haven’t used this brand before (I need to test out its quality).

A’Pieu – Hanok Village


online shopping is super dangerous but I love it!

8 thoughts on “Shopping at YesStyle 

  1. Can totally understand spending too much on boxing day 😛 Love your purchases- its so exciting to finally get things in the mail in the new year 🙂

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