Happy 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!

I just thought I should make a quick post to wish everyone a fantastic year! I can’t wait to use my new planner and I’m so excited to see how 2017 will unfold.

However, unfortunately…for some it’s not a Happy New Year because the house opposite to where I live has caught on fire. There is smoke everywhere and I’m sorry for the people who just lost their house. Already I’m seeing cameramen getting footages of the fire and the smoke, and pretty soon reporters will be here to give us the first news of 2017.

So it looks like I will be staying at home for New Years since I have no way to get out because the street is blocked with firetrucks, police cars, ambulance and nosey people. But I’m thankful that no one was badly injured.

Stay safe everyone!


P.S I changed the theme to this site because I find that the previous look was a bit too busy. Let me know which look you prefer 🙂

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