Bavarian Bier, The Baxter’s Inn, Grandma’s Bar @ CBD

A fun night out on a Saturday night with one of my close friends was truly special. Why?

because of alcohol, food and DNMs.

Honestly, it has been such a long time since I had a really really stress-free night especially since I’m taking up a summer course atm because I want to fast-track my degree. Yes, I’m crazy. Basically this course is cramming 13 weeks of content into 5 weeks, so it is definitely intensive.

But back to Saturday night, we started the day on a high as we made out way to Bavarian Bier Cafe @ York St, CBD. The reason why it was a high because the two security guards who asked to check our IDs flattered us because we still look young! YEH! And also, the one who checked mine was a sweetheart šŸ˜†

So at this place, we were immediately seated because we already had reservations. What awaited us was a cute candle, drinks menu and the food menu. Of course, I went straight to the drinks but then decided to quickly order the food first because I was damn hungry. Being a German restuarant, we had to order their pork crackling! So my friend ordered the pork knuckle while I ordered the pork belly! YUM!

bit blurry because the lights were dimmed. – at Bavarian Bier Cafe

We also ordered biers:Ā Lowenbrau OriginalĀ andĀ Steigl GoldbrauĀ (loved this one because it has a spice to it). But of course we didn’t stop there because we had to try their schnapps! So we ordered their specialty schnapps and I am recommending you guys theĀ HoneyĀ schnapp. It is divine and you can definitely feel the intensity of the alcohol along with the honey. The aftertaste is amazing as well and I couldn’t stop gushing about it to my friend who ordered theĀ Wild RaspberryĀ (she says that it was too sweet).

Honestly, I felt the waitresses wanted to get us out of the place quickly as soon as we finished the food and drinks as they kept on eyeing us and hovering around. I much prefer the service from the other branches and at Lowenbrau.

*Check out my previous reviews onĀ LowenbrauĀ &Ā Bavarian Bier CafeĀ to see other foods they offer.

This was between 2 people and we couldn’t even finish the food because it was such a generous portion! But for all of you meat lovers, this place is for you!

After German, we went to this bar which is in the top 5 of the World’s Best Bars 2015. It’s called TheĀ Baxter’s Inn and I can tell you that the atmosphere down here is amazing. It gets crowded so don’t be too sad if you don’t get a’ll get fantastic drinks instead!Ā The Baxter’s InnĀ was hard to find but luckily my friend came here before so we didn’t have to search for too long. It is hidden in a basement off Clarence St and unfortunately, there is no sign to help. So I definitely recommend you guys to use your GPS when trying to locate this place.

This placeĀ stores good booze and is well known for its whisky collection.Ā You will be amazed at their whisky collection just behind the bar and the library ladder needed to get to the top ones – pretty cool! They have a huge menu board on the wall for the whiskies but if you want cocktails, wines, etc. just ask the bartenders and they will give you a laminated menu. Also, don’t worry about food because they give out free pretzels and regularly stock them šŸ™‚

It’s a pretty busy place so it’s best to get here or else you will probably have to stand the whole night.

[left] Sicario – JalapeƱo washed tequila, mezcal, pineapple, coriander, lime and whites ($19)
After our drinks, we decided to leave as the place was getting crowded and loud. Basically we had to shout at each other in order to carry on our conversation…not good for my throat. So we headed out and walked a few more minutes to Grandma’s Bar, also located along the same street. This place is retro, cosy and very friendly. Again, this place was a bit hard to locate but it does have a sign…a very small one. (I recommend you to use maps for this as well hahas).We were immediately seated, given menus and didn’t have to go and order by the bar but they came to us. It was good that we didn’t have to get up hahas.Ā Their menu is extensive and is a bit cheaper thanĀ Baxter’s Inn. But what I love about this place is that they put their own quirks on classics, and it works!

just a section of their menu

Our first drinks arrived and I ordered a fig cocktail. This drink was huge and I’m not complaining.Ā Besides drinks, they also serve foods including jaffles!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I personally love jaffles and it was my childhood favourite!

Figgie Smalls ($18) & A Berry Good Choice ($17)

But that didn’t stop us from ordering more drinks. By this time of the night, the bar was getting busier so our drinks didn’t come out as quickly. These two surprised me…especially the peanut butter colada. I never expected that the mix of pineapple and peanut butter would be so tasteful. Also, both of them have a good hit of alcohol.

Rhythm & Booze ($16) and Peanut Butter Colada ($17)

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