10 Things to do during holidays

Exams are finally over and Christmas is coming up! That means, HOLIDAYS!!!!!

In Australia, our uni break goes from Dec-Feb which is a 3 month holiday. 3 months is a long time for a break and sometimes when I look back at my past break, I wished that I had spent my time more productively instead of lounging around playing games and sleeping.

So, I decided to create a list of 10 things I will do this summer vacation.

Organise stuff: i.e. wardrobe, desk, room, teaching room and car. I need to clean everything and organise my papers as well as spring cleaning my wardrobe.

Beach! It’s summer and what better way to spend the time than by going to the beach with friends? It will be a great catch up and good excuse to eat ice cream!

Piano: Because of uni and teaching commitments, I’ve been poor in my piano practise and as a piano teacher, it’s not cool. This holidays, I’m going to learn new songs (already bought some books) and have fun!

Exercise: I just joined a new gym and since I will have more time during the holidays, I have no excuse but to go and work my butt off for the new year.

Make up: I have tons of makeup but rarely use all of them. Since my go-to everyday look is my BB, eyebrow and eyeliner, I’m keen to explore contour and eyeshadow looks. This holidays, I’m going to be painting my face lol

Reading: The past few years I’ve bought so many books yet never read them so I’m going to take the opportunity now to just read through some of them so that my brain doesn’t turn to mush before uni begins next year. Plus, you get more motivation to read them when they’re not required readings for uni.

Friends: They’re important and usually give you great advice lol. But I love them and will need to see them every so often to hang out and eat! FOOD IS LIFE!

Money: Since I don’t work during holidays, I will need to make sure that I don’t overspend for the next three months. I’m going to try budgeting for the new year..but I don’t know if it will work out. I should block my shopping sites.

Trying something new: I’ve always wanted to go rock climbing and since I’ve known that there’s a rock climbing place nearby, I really want to try it! One of my friends said that he will help me so that’s probably one of the new things I will be doing this holiday. Another thing is DIYS. With so many tutorials online and after attending some workshops, I want to make my own bath bombs and candles. If I do go through with this, I will definitely do a post on it.

Writing: I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, though not regularly, I’ve had interest in writing for a while now. I might start out with something small first and hope that this is something I can continue to do.

2 thoughts on “10 Things to do during holidays

  1. Sounds fun and 3 months is a long time, lucky you. I made a list one time too and ended up just watching dramas all summer break. Lol but good luck and have fun ^_^

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