[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 28 & 29


Weiyang: Previously Xin’er but takes on Weiyang’s identity to exact her revenge

Tuo Ba Jun (TBJ): Bright & compassionate man who doesn’t care about royal politics and is the Emperor’s favorite grandson. Currently likes Weiyang

Tuo Ba Yu (TBY): TBJ’s uncle. He’s cold and ruthless but I think he’s slowly liking Weiyang.

Changle: Weiyang’s oldest sister who hates Weiyang because she thinks she stole TBJ from her.

Changru: Weiyang’s younger sister who’s in love with TBY.

Li Mingde (LMD): Weiyang’s 2nd brother who has some feelings for Weiyang.

Bai Zhi: Weiyang’s loyal servant

Jun Tao: Weiyang’s bodyguard & the one who knows her true identity

Chiyun Nan (CYN): Great General who framed the Hexi King. Also Da Furen’s nephew.

Ep 28:

We see Changru telling her servant to not say a word to anyone after their eavesdropping session outside of TBY’s room. Then, she goes inside TBY’s study and tells him that she specially brought her handmade sweets for him to try. After receiving his compliments, she tells him how TBY’s mother has requested for a girl to go inside the palace and that Changru’s mother thinks that she’s finding a wife for TBY. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.56.38 pm.pngTBY then sneakily says that his mother might have that intention which makes Changru happy who then says that she will be happy to be by his side. TBY replies that he doesn’t care about marriage but loyalty. Changru then purposely says how she know of TBY’s intentions to marry Weiyang which shocks TBY, “How did you know of this?”. Changru says that she accidently heard of his conversation with Weiyang previously (episodes ago) and subtly asks whether he actually has feelings for her sister. TBY then says that she has misunderstood the situation and that he believes that he can trust Changru more than Weiyang, and that Weiyang doesn’t compare.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 6.07.07 pm.png
look how happy she is at his words LOL

Afterwards back in her room, Changru reveals that it was her who stole the portrait of Northern Liang’s Princess’ portrait. Oh no!!! It seems like she’s going to reveal Weiyang’s true identity so that she will die!!! Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 6.07.45 pm.pngThen, we see Changle visiting the Crown Princess and tells her that by seeing TBJ’s mother, she feels a bit better since she has been so sad about TBJ’s disappearance.  Afterwards, we see Changle and her servant purposely let out in front of the Crown Princess’ servant (who will then tell the Crown Princess later) that ‘she’ saved TBJ and that she didn’t want anyone else to know because TBJ might be forced to marry her and that she didn’t want to make things hard for TBJ.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 6.10.00 pm.pngMeanwhile, Weiyang and TBJ are having a sweet moment together as Weiyang apologies to TBJ for her previous actions. TBJ of course forgives her and promises her that he will make sure that he investigate CYN and bring justice to her and her family. They then look forward to the future where it will just be them two away from politics and Imperial life.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.09.06 pm.pngAgain, we see the search party continues. LMD’s men (the stranger from Khan) reports to him that they already found Weiyang’s location. LMD then quickly rushes to the cottage where she is staying but quickly hides himself from as he sees her and TBJ having a fun time together. He sees them exchanging their love rocks and TBJ kissing Weiyang on her cheeks, before leaving the scene angrily.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.11.46 pm.pngThen we see the Princess walking along a footpath when suddenly LMD runs out. As she walks further forward, she sees TBJ and Weiyang hugging and excitingly watches them as she’s relieved they’re both safe. Then she hurriedly chases after LMD who repeatedly punches the tree in jealousy. The princess then wraps a cloth around LMD’s wound and tries to console him.

Next, the sweet moment between TBJ and Weiyang continues. Juntao then finds Weiyang and brings both her and TBJ back to the Capital.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.17.04 pm.pngTBJ then returns to the palace where his mother and grandfather welcome him back safely. The Crown Princess then brings up marriage between TBJ and Changle. TBJ refuses and tries to persuade his grandfather to not agree to this marriage as he already has someone in mind. The Crown Princess would not hear of it and talks bad of Weiyang in front of the Emperor while speaking positively of Changle, saying that she is more suitable than a daughter of a foot-washer. The Emperor then says that he will meet with Changle to see whether she is suitable which pleases the Crown Princess.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.23.07 pm.pngMeanwhile, Weiyang gets her health check by a physician who says that her wound is that bad and that after she has her medicine, she will be better in 2-3 days. Changru then comes in and looks after Weiyang. She then fishes for information from Weiyang and finds out that they both love each other. Changru then brings up TBY and asks whether she has feelings for him but Weiyang denies it, saying that she doesn’t want to think about him. Changru, happy with Weiyang’s answer, then wishes that TBJ and Weiyang will have a good life together.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.30.26 pm.pngThen, we see TBJ trying to get his mother on his side and accept Weiyang instead of pushing Changle as his bride. The Crown Princess then tells him how she found out that Changle ‘saved’ him and says that he must marry her since she risked her life to save him. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.36.29 pm.pngChangle then arrives which makes the Crown Princess happy as she attempts to make them closer. TBJ’s mother then leaves as TBJ childishly tries to hang onto to her but fails. Changle and TBJ then stand there awkwardly before Changle gifts TBJ a charm to pray for his safety. But TBJ tells her that he can’t accept it but Changle forces him to accept it, “I spent three days and nights working on this”, by putting it in his hand before quickly leaving.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.38.44 pm.pngAfterwards, we see LMD saying to himself “Weiyang, did you now, I never wanted to be your brother but not it is impossible to be by your side”. Looks like he has to uphold the rest of his deal and return to Khan since the man found her.

He then went to see Weiyang and they chat about the situation where Weiyang was attacked. It seems like this situation can’t be solved since it involves CYN. LMD then gets one of Weiyang’s hairpins saying that he’s going to keep it. Weiyang calls him childish and asks what is he going to do with it. She then guesses that he probably has someone he likes and tells him off saying that she has plenty of new ones he can use. LMD quickly refuses saying that this hairpin is enough. – looks like he’s going to use this to remember her when he goes to Khan. Then TBJ sends medicine and a letter to Weiyang while LMD watches disappointingly. Weiyang quickly reads the letter which says how he misses her when he doesn’t see her for a day.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.43.53 pm.pngNext, we see LMD walking out of the manor and the princess just coincidently sees him walking away. She then secretly follows him out into the woods where he meets the Khan soldier. The Khan soldier then asks LMD when is he going to go back to Khan. LMD replies that he needs a bit more time to arrange everything before going with him to Khan. The Princess then moves in shock which alerted the Khan soldier who tries to kill her in order to protect LMD’s identity. LMD protects the Princess by threatening with his life while the Princess promises that she won’t reveal LMD’s real identity.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.51.48 pm.pngMeanwhile, Changle and CYN meet with the Emperor. Both CYN and the Crown Princess try to make Changle look good in front of the Emperor by saying how she has been spending her days looking after her sick mother instead of attending banquets. The Emperor praises Changle for being filial and it seems that he has a positive image of her now.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.56.27 pm.pngAfterwards, we see Changle looking after her mother who is still ill and lying in bed. Changle then tells her mother that she has already gotten the support of the Emperor and the Crown Princess to become TBJ’s wife. Da Furen happily praises Changle.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.59.51 pm.pngNext, we see TBJ waiting for Weiyang’s arrival as TBJ’s servant picks at leaves saying, “She likes me. She likes me not. She likes me. She likes me not”. Then Weiyang arrives with her crew and she happily goes to TBJ. Meanwhile, we see everyone else leaving to give them room as TBJ’s servant goes after Juntao. TBJ then brings Weiyang to his special place where there are small windmills everywhere. He tells her that other than his father, she’s the first person who he brought me. He then tells her more about his father and how he was strict with him but knows that it was because he was worried about him. TBJ then tells Weiyang that his deepest wish is to be with her together forever, and never apart.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.08.57 pm.png

Ep 29: We still see Weiyang and TBJ having a sweet time as they stroll along the garden, holding hands and smiling at each other. However, this moment was sadly interrupted by Juntao who just heard from TBJ’s servant that TBJ is going to marry Changle. TBJ tells them that that’s his mother’s wish, and that he only wishes to marry Weiyang. Weiyang tells him that she believes in him. Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 1.30.48 pm.pngThen, a servant comes in saying that his mother has fainted. TBJ hurries over to his mother where the doctor tells him that she hasn’t been sleeping well due to TBJ’s recent disappearance. The doctor says that the Crown Princess is required to recuperate peacefully in order to regain her health. TBJ then tells his mother that he will do anything she wants him to do. The mother then takes this opportunity to tell him to break up with Weiyang and marry Changle.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 1.37.44 pm.pngThen, we see Changle telling her mother that the Crown Princess is using her poor health to try and force TBJ to marry Changle. She then says that since TBJ is filial, she will get to marry him soon at this rate. CYN then comes in saying that marriage between Weiyang and TBJ is impossible, and that he will reveal the reason soon. Immediately, we see a soldier on horseback saying that he has information to reveal to the Emperor..Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 1.39.36 pm.pngThen we see the Emperor and his subjects talking about politics and military affairs. CYN asks the Emperor to create a political marriage in order to ensure peace between the states but TBJ rejects this saying that they shouldn’t use a woman’s life like this. However, the Emperor seems to agree with creating a political marriage and asks who will be a possible candidate. CYN brings up Weiyang and TBJ immediately says that it can’t be possible. CYN then says that since Weiyang has a high rank, she’s a great choice to be a candidate. When asked why TBJ refuses, TBJ publically reveals that she’s the person he wants to marry. Looks like this was CYN’s plan to humiliate Weiyang and bring down her reputation in public. Weiyang’s father then tries to solve the matter by agreeing that Weiyang should be the candidate for the political marriage. The Emperor agrees with this decision.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 1.41.50 pm.pngAfterwards, Weiyang’s father delivers the news to her which shocks Granny Li and everyone else. The father tells them what happened in court but Granny Li tells him that he’s sending his daughter to her death. LMD then says “How can they use a girl to protect a whole country?” as he tries to get the father to change his mind. Granny Li then apologises to Weiyang for not protecting her enough..Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 1.57.03 pm.pngBack in her room, Juntao comes in saying that they should flee this place. Weiyang refuses saying that it’s impossible as they’re guards everywhere. She then tells Juntao that she understands that her father did this to protect the Li family. LMD then tells Weiyang that he has a plan to help her escape now and that no one will be able to find her. Baizhi then comes in saying that the servants from the palace are here to bring her to the palace to prepare for her marriage.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.01.02 pm.pngThen, Weiyang bows and says goodbye to her family, wishing them well in life. Her family hugs her and cries since they might not ever see them again. Changru then comes and gifts her sister a safety charm which she personally made yesterday, in hopes that Weiyang will be safe. Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.11.01 pm.pngNext, we see the Princess delivering Weiyang’s words to TBJ who then tells her to give Weiyang something. Then, TBJ meets with the Emperor to try to dissuade him but the Emperor would not hear of it, angry that TBJ is doing all this for a mere girl. Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.20.29 pm.pngAs TBJ later interrupts the soldier’s shooting practice, the Emperor gets frustrated again and asks the guards to take him out. But then the Crown Princess comes in pleading for TBJ, saying that he can take her life instead. The Emperor then leaves but TBJ shouts out saying that he will stay kneeling until he gains the Emperor’s approval. His mother then slaps him, “You disappoint me”, angry that he’s like this because of Weiyang. TBJ tells his mother that there’s a bigger matter than just saving Weiyang but this is not the time to explain to her. She does not hear of it, thinking that he’s just doing this to save Weiyang.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.25.11 pm.pngMeanwhile, LMD tells his plans to the Khan soldier that he wants to bring Weiyang secretly to Rouran. The Khan soldier refuses as this will offend the other states, especially the state Weiyang is to marry to. LMD tries to persuade him that as long as they arrange everything, no one will know. The Khan soldier refuses and it seems like he will do something to Weiyang since LMD cares so much about her to refuse to go back to his home country.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.33.38 pm.pngMeanwhile, TBJ is still kneeling at the same place as his servant pleads with the Crown Princess to ask her son to stop kneeling. She refuses. Then it rains, and the servant brings an umbrella to TBJ who refuses it, saying that he won’t get up until he gets the Emperor’s approval. The servant then kneels with TBJ.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.34.43 pm.pngThen, we see TBY and Changru together as she gifts him with a belt she made herself. He compliments her saying that he likes it before dismissing her, saying that she doesn’t want her family to know that they have a connection. As she was about to leave, she finds out that TBY is the one who’s going to send Weiyang to become a political bride. As soon as she leaves, TBY’s smiling face turns to disgust and he just throws the belt behind him.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.36.45 pm.pngAfterwards, we see the marriage carriage on its way to Liu Song as TBY heads the procession. They are then met with the advisors from Liu Song who will accompany them to their state. When the advisor sees Weiyang’s face, he became shock and surprised.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.40.00 pm.pngInside the carriage, Weiyang opens the letter she received from TBJ which says how he swears he will protect her and will not break his oath. Weiyang then wonders where is TBJ.Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 2.43.40 pm.png


OMG I never expected that CYN will make Weiyang the Heqin Princess! I thought that his plan would be to reveal her identity to the Emperor, not to get her married as a political bride! Poor Weiyang and TBJ – way to ruin their sweet moments!

But seriously, how can the Crown Princess be so narrow-minded and insecure about Weiyang..she’s always misunderstanding her mainly due to Changle’s meddling. And we have to talk about TBY and Changru. It’s so apparent that he’s using her for his own gains..but we have yet to find out his purpose.

2 thoughts on “[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 28 & 29

  1. I really can’t figure out TBY, I find myself cheering for him to protect Weiyung. He does not seem cold or ruthless as compared to CYN. If he uses the scroll to threaten CYN, wouldn’t CYN change his target from Weiyung to TBY?


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