[Recaps] Princess Weiyoung 錦綉未央 – Ep 26 & 27


Weiyang: Previously Xin’er but takes on Weiyang’s identity to exact her revenge

Tuo Ba Jun (TBJ): Bright & compassionate man who doesn’t care about royal politics and is the Emperor’s favorite grandson. Currently likes Weiyang

Tuo Ba Yu (TBY): TBJ’s uncle. He’s cold and ruthless but I think he’s slowly liking Weiyang.

Changle: Weiyang’s oldest sister who hates Weiyang because she thinks she stole TBJ from her.

Changru: Weiyang’s younger sister who’s in love with TBY.

Li Mingde (LMD): Weiyang’s 2nd brother who has some feelings for Weiyang.

Bai Zhi: Weiyang’s loyal servant

Jun Tao: Weiyang’s bodyguard & the one who knows her true identity

Chiyun Nan (CYN): Great General who framed the Hexi King. Also Da Furen’s nephew.

Ep 26: Changle discovers that Weiyang was trapped with TBJ the whole time. We also hear how Weiyang doesn’t want TBJ to know that she saved him or else he will be too infatuated with her which will make their situation complicated. Just as they were about to leave to get more help, Weiyang faints and LMD quickly carried her back to camp.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.27.51 pm.pngWe then see Changle excitingly making her way to TBJ as she falls down into the pit. She takes away Weiyang’s cape and hides it in order to get rid of any evidence that Weiyang saved him. She then proceeds to mark her face with dirt and puts a bit of his blood around her lips to make her seem like she’s his savior, before eagerly hugging him.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.28.46 pm.pngMeanwhile, the older prince adds fuel to the fire by saying that TBJ was eagerly trying to help Weiyang by risking his life. The Crown Princess fuels with anger thinking that TBJ’s disappearance is due to Weiyang. The Older Prince then says that TBJ has been helping her with the hunt the whole time and continues to badmouth her. Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.32.34 pm.pngThen, we see TBJ finally regaining his consciousness as Changle fakes sleeping. He’s shocked to see Changle and believes that she saved him the whole time. She then asked him to fulfil her request. He agrees but only if he can do it. Changle then says that she only pleads that TBJ doesn’t tell anyone else that Changle ‘saved’ him. TBJ becomes suspicious and Changle explains that if his mother finds out that Changle saved him, then he will be pressured to take her as his wife. She continues to say that she knows that he doesn’t like so she doesn’t want to give him any pressure so she wishes him happiness and reassures him that she won’t tell anyone about this situation. – do you believe this? I don’t.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.12.42 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see Weiyang resting back in camp and soon regains her consciousness. She asks LMD about TBJ who says that he already sent soldiers to find him and they did. LMD reassures Weiyang that he didn’t tell anyone that it was her who saved him. Then Baizhi and Juntao comes in looking for Weiyang, looking worried and apologising for their negligence. Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.18.07 pm.pngThen Changle arrives back at her tent smiling. She asks her servant to draw her a bath and that she will explain what happened to her then.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.20.42 pm.pngMeanwhile, TBJ gets checked by a doctor who says that he’s already better. Everyone looks relieved except the older prince. As the older prince tries to play it off like a small matter, the Crown Princess asks the Emperor to investigate this matter thoroughly. As everyone left, the Crown Princess blames Weiyang for TBJ’s state but TBJ quickly defended her. The mother tells TBJ that she’s disappointed in him for risking his life for Weiyang. As she complains about Weiyang, Weiyang was outside eavesdropping before leaving in disappointment. The mother then tells him that she will find him a good wife but TBJ tells her that no one can be compared to Weiyang.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.22.25 pm.pngNext we see the older prince worrying whether he will get found out by the Emperor’s men. His servant reassures him saying that it won’t happen. Then we see Juntao’s father still getting whipped by CYN’s men. CYN then tells his men that the scroll is with Weiyang and that she will need to die.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.32.42 pm.pngAfterwards, we see a knife cutting through a tent and attempts to assassinate Weiyang. Juntao comes in and they both engage in a fight. Juntao stops the assassin from running away but Baizhi then comes in saying that Weiyang must’ve went out by herself.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.35.06 pm.pngThen we see Weiyang disguised as one of the dancers dressed in purple. The generals and princes all toast to the Emperor while watching the performances. During the festivities, we see Juntao’s dad escaping as he defeats the guards.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.39.46 pm.pngMeanwhile, Juntao interrogates the assassin but he doesn’t say anything. So Juntao orders Baizhi to watch him while she goes and find Weiyang. Then as the Emperor jokingly tries to get TBJ to confess that he has been helping Weiyang with the hunt, TBJ suspects one of the dancers as Weiyang. Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.43.20 pm.pngAs soon as the dance ended, Weiyang quickly tries to present the scroll to the Emperor. CYN then secretly releases a small arrow at her and then shouts out “There are assassins”. CYN tries to kill Weiyang by calling her an assassin but Juntao’s father intercepts and saves her from the ordeal. Juntao comes in (dressed in black) and saves Weiyang from the situation but not before dropping the scroll on the ground. NOOOOO! Then CYN stabs Juntao’s father and promptly kills him.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.46.56 pm.pngAs they escaped by horseback, Weiyang tells Juntao that they still don’t know that she’s Weiyang and that it will be safer to go back. They quickly head back to their room and as CYN brings his guards to search Weiyang’s tent, TBJ quickly blocks them.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.50.12 pm.pngJust then a noise broke out inside the tent and CYN rushes in. TBJ comes in and finds Weiyang’s arm injured (to cover up the wound CYN gave her). CYN blocks them from getting a doctor but TBJ immediately applies medicine on her wound. Then Juntao comes in and brings in the assassin. As TBJ questions him who ordered him to be here, the assassin looks at CYN before commiting suicide. TBJ then tells CYN to leave since the assassin is dead but CYN doesn’t budge and starts questioning Weiyang. However, Weiyang already has all the answers.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.50.49 pm.pngThen the boys leave, leaving Weiyang with Baizhi and Juntao. From their flashback, we see that Weiyang asked Juntao to slice her arm in order to throw CYN off her tracks. Then Baizhi goes to get some hot water for Weiyang. Next, we see Weiyang apologising to Juntao for her father’s death as she believes it was her fault. They both become sad with grief.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.12.08 pm.pngMeanwhile we see CYN becoming quite frustrated as he was unable to catch Weiyang. He believes that she is the Northern Liang’s Princess he has been searching for. Then, one of his men comes in saying that he was unable to find the scroll. CYN then mercilessly kills him.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.14.28 pm.pngThe next day we see Juntao finding her dad hanged up in the middle of a deserted place. Just as she was about to go and retrieve his body, soldiers come along, stopping her in her tracks. She then realised that CYN is using her father’s body to get Weiyang. However, TBY’s men comes in and says that TBY ordered them to check the father’s identity. He then goes to checks the body and discovers a tattoo. Afterwards, TBJ’s servant comes in telling them to put down the body or else everyone, including the Emperor, will catch a disease. We also see TBJ’s servant signalling Juntao to crouch down and remain away from the other soldier’s sight.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.18.17 pm.png Meanwhile, the Emperor tells CYN to find out the assassin. TBY then comes in saying that he already investigated this matter and knows who’s the assassin. Then his men brings in Juntao’s father’s dead body into the tent and claims that he was the assassin. When asked to bring proof, he brought in one of those purple costumes (from the banquet) and a witness who affirms that Juntao’s father was one of the performers. CYN tries to deny their claims since he knows that it was Weiyang but TBY was one step before him as he brings out another solid evidence: the small arrow CYN used to hurt Weiyang. Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.24.34 pm.pngTBY says that that arrow was found from his body as well as another evidence to prove that he was the assassin. The Emperor recognised the pouch which was used to store the scroll (but is now missing) and believes that Juntao’s dad was the assassin. CYN then pleads for the Emperor to give him more time to find out the true assassin but TBY says how the servants are mentally and physically exhausted and that if they ordered to investigate again, they will become agitated… Also since they have the body, they don’t need to waste more time on this matter. The Emperor agrees with TBY and then orders everyone to return to the palace.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.36.27 pm.png Meanwhile, Changle and Changru comes out of Weiyang’s tent and Changru instructs Baizhi to look after Weiyang well. TBJ then arrives and engages in small talk with Changle telling her to get a doctor to look after her body (he’s being nice since he thinks she saved him). He then tries to see Weiyang but Baizhi stops him saying that Weiyang is already resting. TBJ then leaves saying that he will come back another time to check up on her. He also tells Baizhi to tell Weiyang that he already cleaned up the matter with the assassin from last night’s feast.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.38.47 pm.pngThen we see CYN being informed about TBJ’s doing with Juntao’s father’s dead body. Knowing that TBJ has an interest in Weiyang, it didn’t surprise him that he took away the body. CYN’s servant then tells him how TBY was also involved in the investigation process which surprised him a little. Changle then arrives as CYN tells her that if it wasn’t for TBJ, Weiyang would’ve been dead already. They then plan something.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.42.59 pm.pngMeanwhile, LMD sees the Princess finally dressed as a girl! At first he didn’t recognise but then quickly gives his greetings. LMD seems flustered and quickly apologises for all the things he did to her as he thought she was a man the whole time. The Princess then runs away in embarrassment.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.46.54 pm.pngNext, we see Weiyang looking better as LMD comes in to visit her. Weiyang then tells him how she was shocked to know that the Princess was a girl, saying how that she doesn’t seem like a Princess and that she repeatedly thinks of LMD as her friend. LMD then badmouths CYN for his poor actions but Weiyang just tells LMD that she still wishes for him to not be involved.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.48.52 pm.pngThen, we have a close up shot of TBY reading the scroll Weiyang accidently lost. Looks like he is going to use this evidence to threaten CYN soon. TBY’s servant then tells him how he saw a tattoo on Juntao’s father’s body and that he’s not sure whether it will be of importance.  He shows TBY the drawing of the tattoo who recognises it as Northern Liang’s royal guard. He then suspects that Weiyang might be related to this but his servant says how apparently the assassin (Juntao’s father) was in Weiyang’s tent and stabbed her.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.54.19 pm.png

Ep 27: On their way back to the palace, Weiyang’s carriage suddenly stopped because one of the carriages before her fell down, blocking the route. They decided to take another route back to the Capital. However, it seems that this was Changle’s plan to get rid of Weiyang by diverting her to another path, so that once she dies, TBJ won’t know that it was really Weiyang who saved him. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 3.39.39 pm.pngAs expected, Weiyang was quickly ambushed by a group of assassins. Weiyang and Baizhi quickly escape from their carriage and tried to run away. But Baizhi falls leaving Weiyang to run away by herself as she gets chased by the assassins. The assassins chased her to the end of the cliff but before she gets pushed down, TBJ comes in and saves her! Weiyang requests TBJ to let her go since the assassins want her life but TBJ says “I’ll never let you go”. Then he throws himself over the cliff with Weiyang and as they try to escape from the assassins.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 3.47.16 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see soldiers with LMD and Juntao shouting for Weiyang as they try to find her. Juntao finds the bag Weiyang used to throw at the assassins to divert their attention on the ground and thought that something bad must have really happened to her. Looks like everyone thinks that both TBJ and Weiyang fell off the cliff and died.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 3.52.04 pm.pngLater, back at the Capital, we see Changle and CYN celebrating Weiyang’s “death”. Suddenly a servant comes reports that TBJ was with Weiyang during the fight and fell off the cliff with her. CYN then orders his men to find TBJ or else he will get their heads. But then CYN says that if people investigate this situation, they won’t find out that it was his doing. As he says this, Changle becomes furious as her love of her life is missing and probably ‘dead’ yet all CYN cares about is his own wellbeing. CYN then tells Changle that TBJ’s death shouldn’t matter to her since she desires the Empress position, not TBJ.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 3.54.23 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see TBJ’s family upset at the news, trying not to believe that he might have fallen to his death. The Emperor then says that they must find the assassins in order to find out who ordered them and their purpose.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.00.58 pm.pngThen, we see Weiyang’s family also crying at the news, saying how they couldn’t believe it. The Lady Wen then blames Juntao for not protecting Weiyang well and was going to throw her out but Granny Li stopped her. Looks like Granny Li is the only rational person in this family as she tells them to stop crying since they haven’t confirmed that Weiyang is dead, until they find her dead body. She then orders her men to quickly go and locate Weiyang and TBJ. Juntao says she will also join and will only return once she has Weiyang.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.02.38 pm.pngAfterwards, we see Weiyang dehydrated and weak from lack of nutrition. TBJ then lays her against a rock to rest while he goes and get some food for them to eat. But Weiyang soon leaves as she believes that they shouldn’t be together or else she will bring more harm then good to him.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.08.06 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see the TBJ’s servant, Juntao, LMD and other servants searching for them. But then some assassins sneakily killed some of the soldiers and changed into the soldiers’ uniform in order to infiltrate the search party. LMD briefly separates from the search party to call on more help from that previous stranger. He makes a deal saying that if they find Weiyang, then LMD will return with them to Khan.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.09.33 pm.pngThen we see TBY and Changru playing chess. However, TBY notices that Changru seemed down and realised that she really does care about Weiyang. Changru explains that since she was young, other than her mother, Weiyang also treated her well so she naturally wishes that Weiyang is safe and well. Then he asks Changru what she will do if Weiyang threatens her, Changru replies that she will remove her. Seems like TBY is satisfied with her answer..Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.19.06 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see that TBJ has caught up to Weiyang who tells him to don’t care about her. However, he says that he must protect her since so many people want to kill her. Weiyang then tells him he shouldn’t protect her and kept walking. But then TBJ grabs hold of her arm and hugs her saying that he will never let her go. He then tells her how he knew it was Weiyang dancing at the feast and asked her what she was trying to present to the Emperor. He asks her to tell him her secrets since so many people are trying to kill her. Weiyang then tells him that the assassins were ordered by CYN to kill her, that she’s not the true Li Weiyang and that she’s the Princess of Northern Liang. She then tells him that her father was framed by CYN, how her family was killed by CYN and that the scroll has evidence of CYN’s guilt.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.24.59 pm.pngLooks like this came as shock to TBJ as Weiyang then asks him how hard it is for her to accept and love him since it was his Emperor and his people who did this to her and her family.

“I hate CYN, I hate the Emperor…I have never even loved you”

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.35.07 pm.pngThen, as Weiyang runs away from TBJ, she gets stopped by the assassins. But TBJ comes again and saves her from them. After killing all the assassins, TBJ falls down because of his injuries and tells Weiyang that she can’t get rid of him. They then run away together before more assassins come. Later, we see that they found an empty cottage and decided to go in and rest there.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.38.41 pm.png
reminds me of Mr and Mrs Smith lol

Meanwhile, the search party continues as they try to find Weiyang and TBJ. TBJ’s servant finds one of TBJ’s things which raises hope that they both are still alive.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.57.54 pm.pngThen we see Changle trying to get more information from one of the assassins at the scene. She finds out that TBJ has been protecting Weiyang despite risking his own life. CYN then asks her if she has chosen TBJ instead of the Empress’ position. Changle denies it and says that she wants both, and the only way to get them both is through Weiyang’s death. Then CYN’s servant comes in and delivers a message from TBY as soon as Changle left the room. Once CYN opened the message, we see his astonishment…wonder what TBY wrote.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.01.23 pm.pngAfterwards, we see CYN meeting TBY at a secret location. It seems that CYN came because TBY has the scroll. TBY then threatens CYN with the information in the scroll in order to gain his support, his family’s support and work for TBY. Looks like CYN has no choice so he says that his family will swear allegiance to TBY but TBY will need to help them get rid of Weiyang who’s the Northern Liang’s Princess. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.04.19 pm.pngMeanwhile, we see Weiyang dozing off as TBJ wakes up. Seeing Weiyang next to him, TBJ smiles and then playfully flicks her nose to wake her up. She wakes up and based on her nagging, shows how worried she was. Looks like TBJ likes her mothering him so he fakes pain hahas. He then tells her that he will stay by her side despite her real identity because he likes her and wants to be with her. Weiyang seems to doubt him but he seems confident, “I’ll help you get the evidence back, punish CYN and clear your father’s name.” Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.19.42 pm.pngHowever, Weiyang doesn’t want him to be involved as she doesn’t want him to be hurt. TBJ doesn’t budge, “I know that you care about me but I already made my decision”. He then says that after this is all solved, he will ask his grandfather to grant them marriage and to allow them to leave the Capital in order for them to live happily and simply.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.31.24 pm.pngLater, we see Changru and her mother arrive back at their place. Looks like it has been 3 days since Weiyang and TBJ has been missing but Lady Wen seems to have her mind set that they aren’t alive since they fell off from such a high cliff.

Lady Wen then gives Changru something which she intercepted from TBJ’s mother who sent it to Granny Li. She believes that TBJ’s mother wants to find a wife for TBJ. But since Granny Li has been in low spirits because of Weiyang’s disappearance, Lady Wen said that she was afraid that she will cast aside this matter hence why she intercepted it. She then tells Changru to grab hold of this opportunity since it doesn’t come by often.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.33.16 pm.pngThen, we see Changru on her way to meet with TBY at his study. Looks like she’s giving TBY her handmade dishes since she believes that she will become his wife soon. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.40.01 pm.pngMeanwhile, TBY is re-reading the scroll while his servant congratulates him for finding this evidence to gain CYN’s support. TBY then tells his servant that since it has been a while since he realised Weiyang was the Northern Liang’s Princess, he never thought that CYN would’ve found out her true identity. TBY’s servant then tells him that it will be good to help CYN get rid of Weiyang but TBY then tells him off, “Do you even have the right to tell me what to do?!”. Also, as they were talking, Changru was outside eavesdropping on their conversation. She then sees TBY secretly hiding the box (which has the scroll) in a secret shelf.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.40.16 pm.png


I quite enjoy watching these eps as we see more interaction between our main leads and the plot is thickening since quite a few people now know Weiyang’s true identity. Form the last scene, I suspect that Changru is going to use this information to her own advantage..hope she won’t hurt Weiyang though.

But seriously, isn’t TBJ commendable? He’s able to forsake his identity as a prince in order to be with Weiyang and help her with her revenge! I swear Weiyang is so lucky to have met him!



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  1. Thanks again for your speedy recaps. Such a turning point in the story! So glad TBJ knows the truth about WY. Hope they have some sweet OTP moments. : )

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