Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂 – 2016 Cdrama

Was so excited to see another drama featuring my fave Zhao Liying! At first, I was a bit apprehensive as the character she is portraying was a bit different to her usual characters but so far, I’ve been impressed with her acting skills!

A bit of background, this drama is set in 1937 during the war between China & Japan. It focuses on a young girl (Zhao Liying) who had no choice but to become a spy and chase out the traitors who threaten her country.




  • Lu Yi 陆毅 as Zhou Yu Hao


  • Tao Xin Ran 陶昕然 as Feng Man Na


  • Yuan Wen Kang 袁文康 as Song Mian (The Imperial Doctress, Princess Jie You)


It has taken me a few days to catch up on the drama (I’m now waiting for the new eps) and every single episode has left me wanting for more! This drama is set for 45 episodes and already it’s up to episode 30. It is definitely not a slow-paced melodramatic drama which focuses on love, etc. but you get to see the action and tension between the characters from the first episode.

Like I said previously, this drama is quite different from the usual dramas Zhao Liying takes on as we see a more serious side of her acting as she is a spy in a dangerous world.


Honestly, out of all of her dramas, this has got to be my favourite one! It is quite rare that I would like watching a drama from this era as I usually avoid it (for a lot of reasons) but this drama has left me wanting for more!

The plot, characters, setting, costuming are fantastic!

Only 15 more episodes to go and I don’t want it to end so soon!

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