Princess Jie You 解忧公主- 2016 Cdrama

unnamed-file-1Honestly, I came upon this drama by chance and I’m glad I did. Even though it was finished early this year, not all of the episodes are eng-sub but luckily I can understand most of it and follow the storyline 🙂

Unlike other Chinese historical dramas I’ve seen, this drama is primarily about one of the ethnic minorities: Wusun 烏孫. Princess Jie You is acted by Zhang Xin Yi who is quite a refreshing actress. Definitely becoming one of my faves!

Other characters:

  • Yuan Hong (Bu Bu Jing Xing)- General Wen Gui
  • Yuan Wen Kang (The Imperial Doctress) – Jun Xun Mi
  • Liu Guan Xiang – Hua Tian Sha
  • Ye Qing (Bu Bu Jing Xing)- Feng Liao


Set in Ancient China, Princess Jie You from Han had to marry King Xun Mi of Wusun in order to seal a political alliance between both countries. However, she fell in love with his cousin Wen Gui whom she met before the marriage.


Fun Fact: Zhang Xin Yi and Yuan Hong married on May 30 this year! No wonder their chemistry are sizzling!

I’m nearly finished with the drama and I’m loving every single moment of it! I haven’t been bored yet which is quite amazing (as there’s usually some boring moments).

Anyways, I love the costuming and the setting! The headpieces are not as extravagant as the ladies from the Forbidden City but I love its intricacies and elegance! Since it takes place is Wusun, we see a lot of open lands, greenery, and deserts which are refreshing.


Sorry, nothing to do with the drama but just wanted to post a photo from their wedding which shows off their chemistry 🙂


This drama is definitely one to watch!!!!

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