The K2 더 케이투: ep 5-6 Recap *spoilers

This week’s episodes 5&6 are getting intense! The relationship between each of the characters is getting deeper with some unveiling the mysterious links.

We see Jeha (Kim Changwook) saving Yoojin (Song Yunah) from the secret family meeting where her ‘family’ tried to force her to give up her shares for them. Even her husband was quite enjoying this scene of Yoojin being tormented by her ‘family’ which encapsulates their sour relationship. Anyways Jeha saved Yoojin by triggering the fire alarm which released the sprinklers, making everyone scrambling to get out of the secret room thinking that there was a fire. This made it easier for Jeha to get Yoojin out of the room and out to safety.

His act of heroicness kind of lessened the Yoojin’s iciness as we see him being promoted and summoned to Cloud Nine where only the high ranking officials can go.

Meanwhile, we get so excited and happy for Anna as she finally gets to eat her ramen!!! Her happy dance and joyfulness made Jeha smile as he watched her from the security cameras – quite stalkerish but it was nice that he prepared the ingredients for the ramen for her which she had been craving for in ep 4.

Anyways, we see Anna finally making her move as she stealthily escapes from her ‘prison’ while J4 was asleep. She straightaway went to her childhood home and reminisced the memories she had with her mother. Then she walked aimlessly around the neighbourhood until she saw an old photo she had taken with her mother and her nanny. Realising this, she straightaway went to find her nanny who was in a hospital facility, almost unable to speak. Here, the JSS guards tried to catch her but she miraculously escaped as she disguised herself as a nun.

What I found baffling was that her father told the Chief guard to ensure that Anna does not get near to the Cathedral where he will be attending with his wife and other higher officials. What a dickhead! He didn’t care about her safety but his reputation!

Anyways, JSS were still unable to track Anna who was still disguised as a nun and even went to sing at the mass in front of her father. Her rendition of “Amazing Grace” was quite emotional which left the guards unable to do anything as they could not cause a commotion at the Cathedral.

Anna disappeared again after the mass but left a note for her father to find her “at their special place”. Unfortunately, the father does not know what she meant and used the excuse that he hasn’t been with her for over a decade so could not understand her. Even Yoojin was quite sympathetic to Anna’s situation as Anna is just waiting for her father to pick her up like he did when she was young.

Nevertheless, Jeha, carrying two strawberry ice creams, found her at a park where she went with her father many years ago. He tried to console Anna by lying that he came under her father’s instructions and that the ice cream was from her father. I suspect that Anna knew from that moment that her father did not care about her anymore as she immediately collapsed after having a few bites of the strawberry ice cream. Why?

Oh its because she is allergic to strawberries and even a little amount is fatal to her health. Jeha immediately called the other guards for emergency but they were not quick so he immediately gave her an emergency CPR – they’re lips are touching!!!

Hope next week’s episodes will be more thrilling!

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