The K2 더 케이투 – 2016 Kdrama

Starring Yoona, Ji Changwook, Song Yunah and Jo Sungha as the main characters in this highly-anticipated action drama, I must say…I’ve been impressed with what they have shown so far.nstst5i

2016 is probably a good year with amazing dramas as I thought this drama might be a flop from day 1 but I’m glad I was wrong. Yoona’s acting has significantly improved and is no longer acting cutesy and idol-y (really disliked her acting in God of War, Zhao Yun although I adored her in Prime Minister & I). Her character is Ko Anna, a reclusive and hidden daughter of a presidential candidate who suffers from mental disorders due to an incident which happened when she was young.

Then we have Ji Changwook who’s portraying Kim Jeha, a former secret service agent who was abandoned by his country and peers. His relationship with Yoona will be one to look out for as I’m interested to see how their chemistry will be like in future episodes.

We also have Song Yoonah as Choi Yoojin, daughter of a chaebol family who aspires to be the First Lady & Jo Sungha as Jang Sejoon, Anna’s biological father and a presidential candidate.








The first episode was quite shocking as we were given a close up shot of a young child who discovered her mother lifelessly lying on the floor. We see pills which I suspect were sleeping pills but it was definitely suspicious as the window is wide open and someone definitely was there.

Then we get pulled into a different setting where the girl is taken to a nunnery. Suddenly, we get shots of Yoona (older version of the young girl) trying to escape the nunnery. Her scared and anxious face whilst she was running around in Spain was spot on! I felt her emotions and wow…my heart really pounded.

We also get shots of Anna and Jeha’s first meeting when she pleaded with him to save her from being captured again. However, he couldn’t as he was badly injured and couldn’t risk his own life for hers.

Although we had a tiny inkling of an idea of who Anna’s captor was, this mystery was unravelled at the end of the episode. It was Yoojin, her father’s wife..the woman who’s a bit of a two-faced in the public and private eye..she’s someone who definitely holds enough cards to blackmail her father from keeping Anna safe from her.


Can’t wait for episode 2!

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