On the way to the Airport – 2016 Kdrama

36b5c829-628e-4cbf-b0d4-40dc818536d4_zpsgza9ijqnJust watched the first episode and it is quite intriguing! It is a more of a mature concept (yay! no more high school cliches) as it is centered around middle-aged couples.

Kim Haneul plays the female lead ‘Choi Soo-ah’ who’s a veteran flight attendant with AirAsia. Her husband Park Jinseok (Shin Sungrok) also works with the flight crew as the pilot for AirAsia. This couple is a bit weird..probably because the husband is quite cold and dominant which showed in the first episode as he only notified Soo-ah that he’s sending their only daughter to a school abroad after confirming everything without her knowledge – who does this?!?!?!

Another couple is Seo Do-woo (Lee Sangyoon) and Kim Hyewon (Jang Heejin). These two are more loving than the other couple. However, it is suspected that the wife is withhelding a huge secret which can ruin the couple’s marriage (I think I have an inkling of an idea what it might be). There was already a tragic scene in the first episode but I won’t spoil it.


Seeing as the first episode already had me hooked, I’m definitely looking forward to the future episodes. Hwaiting!

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