Novaland: The Castle in the Sky 九州·天空城 – 2016 Cdrama

This drama is damn good, however…I’m still on the edge on whether I should forgive those darn writers or not…

My heart has been mercilessly torn apart yet mended together in every single episode. I’m just glad that I began watching this drama after it ended which made the cliffhangers a bit more bearable to bear than usual.

I hope my experience hasn’t scared you know a drama is good when it plays with your heart…but you still can’t help but curse the writers.

Before I spoil everything, it is best to watch the trailer below. It’s so beautiful!

Honestly, I didn’t know any of the actors/actresses that were in this drama but from the first episode, I’ve became so interested in every single one of them! Ok, I forgot…the only one I knew was Liu Min who starred in Demon Girl. 九州天空城

Trust me, the above picture does not do anyone of them justice especially Zhang Ruoyun who plays Feng Tianyi (guy between the girls). His acting was superb and made me fall in love with him (literally)!! His character was a bit troubled due to his rough childhood (it’s not that cliche, trust me) but he slowly opens up to Yi Fuling (acted by Guan Xiaotong) and it’s quite heartwarming!


However, even though they both love each other very is sad to see Feng Tianyi hurting his love just so that he can protect her (even if he pushes her away to another person’s arms).

But can I just say how much I love the costumes in this drama?

Praise the costume director as the outfits are just so beautiful! I’m not spoiling more as it’s bet to see it for yourself 🙂


Also, a warning…ep 28 & 29 are the same except they show different endings. Ep 28 ruined it for me as my heart broke but ep 29 mended it together slightly (only because I couldn’t forget ep 28). Both endings make sense but as a true persuer for a happily ever after, I’m sure you know which ending I liked the best 😜



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