Scarlet Heart Ryeo – 2016 Kdrama

This drama was much anticipated especially after the success from Bu Bu Jing Xin. Also, the fact that so many hotties are in this!!!


The cast is amazing and at first I was a bit doubtful on whether this drama will be successful..but after watching the first episode, I’m quite satisfied.

I’m glad this drama is not totally mimicking the Chinese (original) version and there is some differences. The princes…what can I say? A lot of eye candy and I would love to be in Haesoo’s (IU) position.


I haven’t seen many Goryeo dramas before, but I’m really liking this one..the outfits are quite nice as well.

From the first episode, I’m just in love with 8th Prince (Kang Haneul)! I know that Haesoo won’t be with him at the end but his character is so sweet and lovable – what a gentleman!

4th Prince (Lee Joonki) is quite mysterious as he wears a half-mask to cover the scar his mother accidently gave him when he was a child. He already has a derogatory nickname given to him by the citizens which is “Dog Wolf” – mentions how he’s a cold-hearted men who apparently murdered a family?

The other princes were just cheeky except 3rd Prince (Hong Jonghyun) who’s eyeliner makes him look quite scary. I’m sure his role is big in this drama but I wonder how he fits in with the power struggle that will definitely happen soon – I should probably research Korean history.

I did say that there was quite a number of differences between the Chinese drama and this one, and a notable one is that it’s Haesoo’s cousin who’s 8th Prince’s wife (not the sister) and I think she’s his only wife (for now)…


Also, 8th Prince has a sister who definitely seems to be quite annoyed with Haesoo…interesting.moonlovers1-00784

But the cliff-hanger at 1st ep! The way 4th Prince got Haesoo on his horse to save her from her fall!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I want ep 2 eng sub to be released soon!!!!


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