Demon Girl 半妖倾城 – 2016 Cdrama

Titled 半妖倾城 which literally translates to “Half Demon Qing Cheng” is about a girl called Qing Cheng who’s a half demon. It is produced by Yu Zheng who is known for Gong 1-3, Female Prime Minister (Zhao Liying) and other works.


I came upon this drama by chance and I’m glad did. Even though I had never heard of any of these actors/actresses before, I was quite intrigued with the storyline and character posters. It is a fantasy/romance drama which shows the love story between Qing Cheng (half-demon acted by Li Yi Tong) and Meng Xia (wealthy human acted by Zhang Zhe Han).

But I’ll tell you…the drama is not as steamy and sensual as the posters (a bit disappointing hahas) but the chemistry between each of the characters are amazing! The storyline is not too cliche and the ending was a bit unexpected. I’m not saying the ending is bad but it’s quite lovely…just quite unexpected (unconventional romance plot).

However…I thought this drama is 35 episodes but only 20 episodes are released so far. It is still a good ending but if it’s 35 episodes, I do hope they continue it as I really want to see more!!! MORE MORE MORE! It is never enough!! 😜


17 thoughts on “Demon Girl 半妖倾城 – 2016 Cdrama

  1. I came across your blog as i was also intrigued by this story line and hoping that there’s a continuation. but sadly theres none. 😦


  2. I like the part after the opening theme song. In which there’s drawings and some info about the demon people. Is there a way you can find out who the artist is for those drawings?


  3. Has season 2 of demon girl translated to english. I am just dying to watch the rest. If so please tell where I can find it in english subs.


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