Cafe Oratnek @ Redfern

This place has held my interest for some time and I finally got the chance to go and try some of their foods especially their well-known matcha tiramisu! There was quite a crowd and the tables were already filled outside. Luckily, we were seated quite comfortly inside before the queue began even though it was around 1:30pm.

We were straight away given a glass of water and menus before they came and took our order.

We were straight away given a glass of water and menus before they came and took our order. We ordered fusion dishes which peaked our interests which was the omurice and okonomiyaki with kimchi.

Since there was no menu for the dessert, we ordered it separately and it came out first before our mains. So, even though it was unconventional to have dessert before the main dish, we didn’t care and just munched our way through. And it was delicious!

Matcha Donut Ball (top) & Matcha Tiramisu (bottom)
Omurice $18

Even though I came here primarily for the matcha tiramisu, I enjoyed the matcha donut much more! Probably because the tiramisu was a bit too creamy for my liking but it was still good! They got the flavours for the matcha right for both of the desserts (not too strong and not too subtle)!

For the donuts, it was cooked perfectly and it melted in my mouth! It was so delicious and I was definitely craving for more! However, since I had already ordered lunch, I was afraid I could not order another portion.

But, I will definitely come back and have it again!







The omurice was cooked well with the perfect amount of seasoning! The cheese tomato fried rice was very delicious but was quite a huge portion so we sadly couldn’t finish it!

Definitely worth the price!




Okonomiyaki $16

Similarly, the okonomiyaki was quite enjoyable and full of flavour! At first, I thought that the portion was small, but actually, it was quite filling! They added kimchi, cheese and napoleon sauce into this dish which was a good mix! However, I could not taste the kimchi well but did realise there was cabbages (however it was not spicy which is what kimchi is known for).



Overall, I enjoyed my time here in Cafe Oratnek and would love to come here again to try more dishes and have the desserts again!


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