Yayoi @ CBD

Since its opening, this place has generated great reviews from my friends and other word-of-mouth. However, I have never set foot inside as I was never bothered to queue up for so long.

Luckily, there wasn’t a line (around 7ish pm) but we had to wait for a few minutes for them to clear a table for us. Ordering food was efficient as it was all done via the iPad stationed at the wall of our table. However, it was annoying that it crashed quite a few times when we scroll too quickly through the foods.

As you can see, I ordered a miso pork loin katsu whilst my friend ordered something else (forgot what it was ☺️).

What I was really glad about this place was the miso soup. Typically, in Japanese restaurants, the miso soup are salty and I could never finish it. So I surprised myself whenI drank it all! The added tofu, seaweed, etc. did not add to the saltiness but enhanced its flavour! Very nice! Thank you Yayoi for ur amazing miso soup!

However, the sauce for the katsu was salty so I had to serve it with the rice. But, I still enjoyed my meal and wouldn’t mind having it again. I have to say, their rice also tasted great! I know, I know. What can be so special about rice?! It might be that white rice doesn’t exist in my household (mum is always buying the healthy brown rice), or the fact that the sauce mixed with the rice tasted so good and flavourful!

This set was filling (couldn’t finish it) and $18.80 is quite decent. We also get soft-boiled egg and salad! A balanced meal!

I’m glad that I know another good Japanese restaurant to eat (Sydney doesn’t have many which serve good miso soup). Without a doubt, this place is highly recommended and is worth the hype! Can’t wait to come back again to try their other dishes!


YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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