The Good Wife 굿와이프 – 2016 Kdrama

굿와이프 is a remake of the American drama ‘The Good Wife’. I have just finished the first episode and I quite enjoyed the suspense and storyline. Even though I have not seen the original American series, I’m looking forward to this drama and how it progresses. This drama will have 16 episodes and made its debut last night.

Honestly, I don’t know anything about this drama so imagine my surprise when I saw Nana (Afterschool) as Kim Dan in episode 1! Her acting was superb and amazed me! Despite being an Idol, she acted pretty well and is so much better than all of the other idol actors (I can name a few but I don’t want to be bashed XD).

This drama also has Yoo Ji-Tae from Healer and it was pretty exciting to see him on screen again!

Anyways, I love how the plot focuses on the women’s life as a lawyer after her husband was sent to prison due to a messy scandal. Going to watch episode 2 now!!






*above images are not my own.


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