Virgin hair no more! – Garnier Olia Deep Violet Review

That’s right! I have finally taken the plunge and dyed my hair! It has taken some courage and many years to get to this stage as I was always quite nervous about changing my hair colour. I guess my mother helped a lot as she bought the products a few days ago saying that she’s going to dye my hair. I was truly surprised as she was against me dying my hair for years! Her excuse: “This product has no ammonia”. LOL

But, being in my early 20s, it is never too late to try something new!

The product I used was Garnier’s Olia Deep Violet – Ammonia free! And yes, I needed to buy two of them as one was definitely not enough! (Shoulder-length + thick hair)

A bit about Garnier’s Olia:

They use an exclusive 60% oil blend, with natural flower oils, in the colourant. This maximises the colouring process to achieve a vivid and long-lasting colour – without ammonia! Also, Olia visibly improves and restores the look of hair, as oils help to reverse roughness and dullness for softer, shinier hair with bounce.

But before I dyed my hair, I highlighted it first and the process was painful! The plastic cap hurts and even when getting the strands out of those little holes…god…OUCH!

But after that, I applied the dye product and the colour was amazing! (unfortunately, no photos of it but it was a pretty purple!)

The instructions were clear and the products in the box were clearly labeled and numbered (very helpful)!

I quite liked the packaging and mixing the dye was messy-free! Plus it comes with gloves so you won’t get any dye on your hands 😝

10 hours later:

It is so amazing to see this purple glow on my hair. The individual strands are reddish-purple when held up to the light, but overall, my hair is still a darker colour. I quite like it as it’s subtle and not a drastic change.


Few days later:I swear the colour has been getting brighter and brighter as the days go past! It is much more noticeable & I’m loving it! I’ve been using the after-care conditioner everytime I wash my hair and it smells amazingly good!

Love this product!!! And my friends commented on my hair (good reviews) so it is definitely noticeable!!




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