I’m judged by my coffee order?

So gobsmacked. I was hanging out with this group of friends (we attend this class together) and one of them offered to do a coffee run so she asked each of us what we want (who says no to coffee especially on a cold day?). Usually, I would order a long black but because I was cold and wanted something sweet, I asked for a ‘mocha with extra shot’.

I got this look. And one of them said “Why don’t you order a cappuccino with extra shot? It’s basically the same!” as well sometime along the lines of ‘people being pretentious when they order like that’.

WTF?! So stunned!!!

Why are you changing my order in the first place? And how are they the same?!

And how is ordering a ‘mocha with extra shot’ pretentious? And ‘cappuccino with extra shot’ not?

I don’t even comprehend this type of logic! It’s so stupid!

I told them that cappuccino doesn’t even have chocolate (which they blatantly disagreed with me) and also pointed out another difference: cappuccino has froth whilst mocha does not (they also disagreed).

I understand that some cafes will add some chocolate powder/sprinkle, etc. on top of the cappuccino froth, but the coffee itself has no chocolate!

How the heck is cappuccino the same as mocha?!?!?!

I am really struggling to comprehend their logic and didn’t want to bother with such nonsense.

Anyways,  the purpose I’m trying to delineate here is:

Why do you care so much about what I like?

It’s such a small matter but I don’t know why they were so agitated!

But I’m just glad I got my ‘mocha with extra shot’ in the end. Sweet ending for me!

Me: 1 Them: 0


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