Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously @ Surry Hills


A wonderful start to a Friday with friends. It was the perfect place to meet up and fill our stomachs with glorious food. We were all first-timers and after the most delectable brunch, we won’t be first-timers any longer.

So, I will just start off by saying that this place is quite easy to find. It’s located just opposite Central Station along Chalmers St. The cafe is quite a decent size and it has a piano which is amazing! Btw, to all of you piano players, if you play a song in the cafe, you will get a free coffee! Good deal right?

But since I’ve been growing my nails and haven’t played piano since the beginning of my holidays, I was a bit apprehensive to play in front of a crowd, so paid coffee for me XD

But the coffee was AH-MAY-ZINGGG! They actually tailor make the coffee according to customer’s preferences (stronger, less sweeter, more acidic, etc.) but today, since it was a cool day, I just chose a strong mocha with extra shot.

Mocha with extra shot $5

The presentation is wonderful isn’t it? BTW, it’s actually decorated with dark chocolate (which I love and appreciate) and they also added some currants into my mocha which was quite interesting. I LIKE IT!


Now, onto the dish of the day! KIMCHEESE! AH-MAY-ZINGGG! 

Awesome Kimcheese $16.50

It was AWESOME! Truthfully, I did doubt this dish a bit since it is made up of cheese+spicy kimchi+kimcheese waffle+vanilla icecream+sesame seeds.


But, strangely and interestingly enough, it all matched well together. When I tried the kimcheese waffle by itself, it was a tad too salty for my liking. But when you have it with the ice cream, the flavour is so balanced! Even the spicy kimchi (under the ice cream) tasted great with the ice cream and kimcheese waffle!

Also, I thought that this dish wouldn’t be that filling as it’s just waffle + ice cream, but I was quite full at the end.



Sweet Potato Falafel $16.50

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try this dish (quite full from Kimcheese) but I heard that it was delicious. This dish contains cauliflower & chickpeas hummus, picked radish, lotus root chips & black sesame paste. Quite attractive – immaculate presentation!

Overall, this place is AH-MAY-ZINGGG! There are still so many dishes I want to try including their pork belly kimcheese burger! Their fusion & innovative dishes are good enough reasons for YOU to come and eat!

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