Asia Trip 2016 – Wk 5

Oh Lordy! I have not realised that I still haven’t finished up posting my Asia Trip diaries. Silly me! Anyways, this last week was more on the relaxing side since I’ve spent the first 4 weeks travelling to different countries. Nevertheless, I had not relaxed with the food especially since it was my last week in Asia for a while. Enjoy 🙂

Monday 15th February:

Today was a bit of a relaxing day. For breakfast, I went out to a hawker centre near where I’m staying to try some local foods as I don’t think I’ve eaten there before for breakfast. I ordered a clay pot kway teow and after ordering, I realized that it’s a vegetarian store! Too late to retract my order!

Anyways, the dish looks yum so I thought it would taste alright. Little did I know…there’s no flavour…? I added soy sauce, sambal chilli and it didn’t really help as I could mainly get the hit of chilli. Disappointing!

For lunch we bought some Kueh back home. I was interested in these as I don’t remember eating them in Singapore before. We have it in Australia but it’s expensive 😢 I particularly love the pink Kueh as it has sticky rice inside with some other ingredients and it’s very YUMMY! Also had other Kueh and I’m kicking myself for not taking photos 😞

Then we got ready to go out for some exploring and dinner at one of my auntie’s place as she wanted to cook a delicious homemade meal for us. It was definitely delicious and homey! I especially loved her fried egg with otak as I never had that type of combination before.

Cropped out my face but I was definitely eyeing the food with glee!

And it didn’t stop there!!

We had sweet and delectable fruits of pomelo, strawberries and grapes in addition to alcohol!!! They beckoned me to try a gold edition of the Choya which had gold flakes in it! It was surprisingly good and the usual Choya I buy from shops are a tad too sweet. I’m definitely going to buy this in the duty free store at the airport if I see it! ✌️

Tuesday 16th February: BBQ!!!

We spent the entire day at home! Technically we did go out but only downstairs to the BBQ area for dinner hehes.

I felt like I should at least have a day rest especially since we’ll be so busy for the next few days packing, repacking, saying goodbyes, then unpacking, washing clothes, etc etc.

So I had a half day rest catching up on some dramas and watched the latest Grey’s Anatomy (ep 9 I think) and cried! I can’t believe that something that terrible happened to Meredith!! She doesn’t deserve it! It goes to show you how dangerous and scary the side effects are for patients, nurses and everyone who is related in that situation.

After crying then laughing (watched a Korean variety show to get my mood up XD), it was time to help out with dinner preparations!

I was excited because my Uncle raves on about his steak skills and I had high expectations! And it served! It was good but Australia is *coughs better!

Wednesday 17th February:



 Thursday 18th February:

Last day in Singapore! Today I hope to eat a lot of foods before I go back to AUS.


Friday 19th February:

Woke up early on the plane from my power nap, just in time for breakfast!

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