Cafe Cre Asion @ CBD

Cafe Cre Asion is definitely a matcha heaven! Located near Museum station (5 mins walk), this small space gets quite crowded and busy.First impressions: Due to its small size, and lack of proper tables and chairs, I kind of wanted to go somewhere else. Luckily, there was space outside the cafe where we could sit comfortably and drink to our hearts content. I was glad I didn’t have to sit inside as it would’ve been quite squeezy and uncomfortably rubbing shoulders with other strangers. So, we were lucky!

Since it was our first time here, I was quite disappointed with the lack of food items on the menu. I know it’s a cafe and usually, all cafe sells are those same boring things of scrambled eggs, sandwiches, etc. So I just ordered a crushed avocado which comes with a few pieces of toast – nothing special there.

Crushed Avocado ($9)

But, tbh..I only came here to try one thing which was the matcha latte. Because of its positive reviews, I went in with high expectations.


Matcha Green Tea Latte ($5)

And it delivered. It wasn’t overly sweet and I could taste the MATCHA! Other places don’t even have their matcha skills on point! Cre Asion definitely wins in this area!


So, if you’re looking to drink some matcha latte, look no further and go to Cafe Cre Asion. They also sell some sweets (matcha sweets) which I was eyeing but that will be for next time when I have matcha cravings.

Café Cre Asion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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